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Silver Gravekeeper

Alt Names: alt 银之守墓人alt YIN ZHI SHOUMUREN
Author: Zero League
Artist: Moon Cake
Genres: Action ActionAdventure AdventureComedy ComedyEcchi EcchiFantasy Fantasy
Type: Manhua (Chinese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Original Webcomic: http://ac.qq.com/Comic/comicInfo/id/525550
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To Caek:

It's nice to see you have a good interest in picking up Chinese comics. Just one point though: here on batoto, webtoon refers to the 'long stripe pageless comics', not any comic that is published online. (It's pretty arbitrary, but let's just accept it). In cases like this (and most other Chinese comics), it would be better called 'webcomics', just to differentiate.


Fixed it for you in the description. Hope we can see more quality work from you. (Maybe try something from u17? Tencent ones are...'Tencentish')

Read this because I saw caek

Keeping it alive!

Really appreciate all of the support and interest; Chapter 2 was just uploaded!


In other news, to speed up releases, I'm recruiting a redrawer for this series! Send me a PM if you're interested.



Anime adaptation announced http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2015-12-13/emon-studio-produces-new-shirogane-no-guardian-anime/.96478

Wasn`t expecting that... But is awesome!!!

HAH! The eyes of the strategically placed bat on p. 3 got me. Followed!


Now to go read the rest.

Ok, this is interesting.

Really interesting.

Playing video game in cemetery at midnight sounds pretty darn awesome.

intrigued . . . follow

I am a reader, and I approve this series.

I am a commentator, and I approve of this comment.

I am a reader, and I approve this series.

Thanks to elbs for pointing this one out and asking for it to be translated.


Releases for this series will NOT be on a weekly basis. What this means is that "Silver Gravekeeper" is highly dependent on public interest, so follow if you want to see more!


~ Caek



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