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Tamayura (YUKI Ringo)

Alt Names: alt 玉響alt Soul Resonance
Author: Yuki Ringo
Artist: Yuki Ringo
Genres: Drama DramaHistorical HistoricalSchool Life School LifeYaoi Yaoi
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: As the only son of a trading firm, Asakura Michitada enters the dormitory at an all-boys school. There, he is put in the same room as his childhood friend and only person he could trust, Tachibana. But for Asakura, their reunion is something of a more complicated nature.
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Fue una linda historia los dos episodios finales me agradaron, aunque senti pena en todo el transcurso de la historia y el más capi extra. Pero estoy satisfecha, muchas gracia a todos Los Que trabajaron x traerlo al español y por compartir. Ojala nos traigan mas de sus obras al español. adiós *_*

these Taisho/Showa era shounen ai mangas really know how to stirr my feelings. Both this and (especially) Golden Days really tug my heart

Oh my, the feels! Their relationship has my stomach/heart doing flips, and some parts make me wanna cry for some reason. This is beautiful so far.
I would love to see how the two of them will work out their problems together. But it seems like the sweet smell of angst is waiting up ahead, oh boys. Nevertheless, this manga is really nice!
I really like the historical set up. It's kind of refreshing considering the long lost crush wh'o didn't work out is a recurring pattern.

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