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The Friendly Winter

Alt Names: alt Da-jeong-han Gyeo-wulalt 다정한 겨울alt The Affectionate Winter
Author: Lee Jun
Artist: Lee Jun
Genres: Drama DramaPsychological PsychologicalSeinen SeinenSlice of Life Slice of LifeWebtoon Webtoon
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Complete
Description: A girl with a rare growth disorder that leaves her in the body of a child at the age of 19 meets a boy with a mental disorder who has the mind of a small boy in a 17 year old form. 'The Friendly Winter' shares with us the endearing story of their day-to-day lives, joys and tribulations.

Note: The author has split the storyline into seasons. The volume number represents the season number.

Original webcomic: http://cartoon.media.daum.net/webtoon/view/friendlywinter
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I did not use tissues


Because I would end up using more than what I have


So I used my hand towels


And ended up using two

I often forgot Da-jeong was 19, due to how much she cries, but I'm 17 and cry just as much so whatever. Haha

Absolutely touching! The feels... Thank you for the scans and for a wonderful read! 


I really loved the plot and especially the main characters. It exposed problems ranging from wide scale to small scale - the judgmental public of the norm, the economic problems, family problems, trust, the naive vs the cheat, fear of responsibilities, and abandonment. These are all very real problems in the world and were exposed very well in the story between the two counterparts of similar problems caused by disabilities. Although these issues cannot be resolved completely since we are humans and are flawed, we can still move on happily by understanding each other and ourselves more. 

One thing this story re-taught me is that although we cannot resolve the problems of the world, and even if all events that happen to you are against you, you must not despair. Because, there will always be someone there to love and support you - family, friends, and yourself. 


Thank you again Supreme Cream Scans and 이준,감사합니다.

hey guys, a NEW LEE JUN COMIC is out IN ENGLISH on Tapastic, called "Season of Su"! You can find it at http://tapastic.com/series/seasonofsu


It's all official and everything!  Go read it!

I started this manhwa under the impression that it would be a light and fluffy read, and I was right... for about 2 chapters. Then (WTF?) 60 straight up chapters of angst. 


Nonetheless is was very good. At times it seemed a little repetitive, but it was still a tearjerker. I was a little let down by the end but nothing I can't deal with. 


I highly recommend to... pretty much anyone. 

I'd love to see this on the screen, even with the casting difficulties.

Damn webtoon! Why u make me cry when my girlfriend was looking! :(

That's really awesome that SupremeCreamScans got permission from the author! That's really the best part of this webtoon lol. Thanks SCS!

Please pretend this line properly expresses just how wonderful this story was


I would say that it was awesome but in all honesty I'm closer to being full of awe and there's just no good way to say it.


I would say it was a great story but that implies that it's somehow not near perfect.


I would say that it's heartwarming but in all honesty it played with the thermostat quite a bit


so, having run out of possible compliments, I refer you back to the first line.

i read manga. some are good and some are bad. this had alot of promise and really had alot of touching moments. the end wasnt what i was hoping for, but nonetheless its a must read


confession: all i wanted was one panel where they cuddle. literally could have been a fan submission and i would have been happy.

No words... just tears...



1 and a half tissue boxes. My nose feels empty and towards the end, I swear I felt like I had ran out of tears....Just simply touching. 

So touching... ;-;

...It's going to be a movie? D:
Very cool, thanks a lot Supreme Cream!!
Ha! I really loved the congratulatory messages in the afterward chapter. Especially the several panel one at the amusement park. Definitely looking forward to Lee Jun's next webtoon.
Today I finished the reading of the final chapter and I just have to say
-.- just one word:

Magnificent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *--------*

I'm so gratefull with you!! SupremeCreamScans because you were the ones that made this possible >_<
its thanks to you that I had the chance to experiment all these feelings Q~Q
believe me, from now on....I'll try my hardest to support you!!! you are a really great group that gives it all!!!
it was a good ride, always surprising us with the super duper ultra fast releases at the beggining xD (LoL) and then being up to date without any delay *-*!!!!

and now that this story ended (for now, nobody knows WHAT WILL HAPPEN in the future :D) I'll say:

Good Job SupremeCreamScans *tumps up*

-notice end-
Thanks, Supreme Cream Scans, for bringing us the best webtoon I have seen grace the pages of the internet. PLG, SVines85, Inzaratha, and several others can bear me out that this scanlation brought out more and more thoughtful (sometimes overbearingly so) comments than any other I have come across. We have been accused of postings that go back to the the stone age, we got so passionate. I even brought Dean Swift and 18th century artists into the discussion. This webtoon rocks, the author is a bleedin' genius, and you guys and gals at SCS are ruddy heroes for bringing it to us monolingual idiots who can't read the other civilized languages of our beleaguered planet.

Thanks so much to the author and the tireless, thankless scanlators, for bringing us a webtoon that entertains us, makes us feel that humanity (in all its' ugly prejudice) is not really doomed, and brings us such adorable characters as Da-Jeong, Min-Seong, and the rest.

I just know that if I see the author's name as Lee Jun or the scanlation team as SCS, I will immediately read whatever is posted and put it on my favorites list.

Thanks again for one of the best visual/graphic story/novel experiences I have had.
So cute! Thanks so much!!!
Ah, the end of an amazing journey...
Thank you for guiding us till the end, SupremeCreamScans!
Very good work, very good manwha, many manly tears were shed during the reading of this, absolutely amazing!
god all the manly tears I shed
Ending was pretty average but I enjoyed SCS's little notes at the end of the page...lol.
Reading this, Can't See, Can't Hear, but Love, and Gakuen Babysitters just drain all the tears from me
And the end is here :'( I really hope author starts a new series as soon as he can cause he is awesome, I mean he can create drama without cliches, that's ability! And thanks for all your hard work SCS(especially times you released 2 chaps. a day were awesome), and the comic you prepared at the end was pretty good, liked sims part especially :D (waiting for your new projects~)

And for people who haven't read this yet; read it and you will get to know a new genre of manhwa. Definetely absolutely recommended.

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