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Their Circumstances (Sria)

Alt Names:
Author: Sria
Artist: Chahyun
Genres: Drama DramaGender Bender Gender BenderRomance RomanceShounen Ai Shounen Ai[no chapters] [no chapters]
Type: Manhwa (Korean)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Whether it is a fantasy or a real ghost, Hyunwoo keeps seeing Jihye, his dead girlfriend whom he dated for 10 years. The car accident happened right in front of him, and from that day on wards, he lived the life of a hopeless nut job. Hyunwoo's mother, who's on the verge of giving up, decides to set him up for a blind date. Things happen and Hyunwoo agrees to meet the woman his mother set him up with. Her name is Jimin and she turns out to be a dead ringer for Jihye. Rattled, Hyunwoo gets drunk and keeps on overlapping Jihye's image with Jimin's. Until finally, in his confusion, he kisses Jimin. Will Hyunwoo realize Jimin's deepest secret? What will happen if he finds out about it?
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From Randomfujoshi Group , it seems that the series been licensed in English. So they decide to removed the chaps from Batoto.


x') not surprising many group does it too.

Now there are no chapters...

I don't think the tagshould be Gender-bender...

It's more of a Cross-Dressing tag

Uhhh this dude absolutely batshit crazy. I'd stay the hell way from him even if I was a gay crossdresser desperate for some action. Actually, even moreso in that case, because who knows if he'll snap when he finds out the turth?

I kinnddaaa saw it coming by the art work lolllll but i totally missed the scanlation's name HA

I was expecting it. See scanlation group's name.


Wow. Didn't see that coming, that's for sure.

I saw it coming but I hoped I was wrong: the cover image and synopsis was too foreboding


Wow. Didn't see that coming, that's for sure.

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