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Toge ni Kuchizuke

Alt Names: alt 棘にくちづけ
Author: Kisaragi Hiiro
Artist: Kisaragi Hiiro
Genres: Comedy ComedyDrama DramaJosei JoseiRomance Romance
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Desperately in need to kick start her career amid an unforgiving job market, Osanai Sakura made it through two levels of interviews with Hiiragi Group, a well established real estate company and now in her third and final interview session.

She is taken by surprise a bit when she finds herself in a rather awkward interview session with Hiiragi Sousuke, the current president of Hiiragi Group, the only person taking her interview. Some way or other, she manages through the interview and lands a probationary position in the secretarial department.

Sakura thought her frantic life of looking for jobs has become normal, but it isn't to be as her older sister shows up in her place and says she ran away from home as she was about to be married off even though she already had someone she liked. Seeing her precious sister's emotional state, Sakura gives her the push to be with the man she likes and sees her off at the airport.

As she returns after sending her sister off, she notices an expensive Porsche parked right in front of her condo. She is surprised to find out that it is none other than her new company's president and he has been waiting for her. What comes next is the first of many surprises that await her! Hiiragi Sousuke is supposedly the fiancé of her sister who Sakura helped to elope with a man she liked!
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Vol.01 Ch.02: 2da. Cita - La Familia Hiiragi y La Familia Osana
Totoro Fansub angie1590 4 days ago

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Anddd... little sister has to take big Sis's place in the marriage market. Much hilarity ensues... (trope, give me a break).

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