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Tonari no Atashi

Alt Names: alt Anh Chàng Hàng Xómalt Beside Mealt 隣のあたしalt Next to Mealt Tonari no Atashi
Author: NANBA Atsuko
Artist: NANBA Atsuko
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo Shoujo
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: Nina's neighbor, Kyousuke, is starting high school while she's still stuck in junior high. Just walking to their nearby schools together isn't enough for her--especially since they keep running into Yuiko: a beautiful, outgoing girl in Kyousuke's grade who also seems to harbor feelings for Nina's next-door neighbor.
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Bisogna che me lo rileggo da capo, perché il finale mi ha lasciato un po' stranita...forse non ricordo qualche passaggio...

Depressing and dramatic without a reason .There is no clear explanation why her childhood friend doesn't accept her feelings the two times she confesses but later on he states that he always liked her! I don't have a problem if the girl chooses the second guy but the author must give a proper explanation how her feelings changed. However i see no such a thing in the whole manga and also i'm really pissed with the whole thing i don't what to do with our relationship but suddenly after months i remembered that that i loved you all the time. Also there is no character development for nobody . The MC remains a crybaby till the very end . The author tried to create a story that the girl ends up with the second guy to escape the clishe but ends up depressing and completely lame.

Rough beginning but I stuck with it and am so glad I did. While the ending was not as fleshed out as I would have liked I'm very happy with the heroine's choice. ^^

Ugh, this hasn't updated in a long time, and it just ended on such a cliffhanger ;-; 


Thanks for the hard work Eternal Heart!

I love this manga. Great shoujo. I saw the final and it was perfect. ♥

ugh all that guilt Asou forces on Kyousuke, ugly thing.

Am 12 chapters in, dunno if I can finish this.


Makes me remember things I rather not...

Argh, what happened to this series, no updates since last year!?
Thanks Eternal Heart for these chapters and I just read the last summaries and ...
What kind of ending is that!! Saw the final raws
!Warning! This story will take all of your feels and drag them trough rusty nails, broken glass, and nuclear waste until you are almost dead. Then it will then stick your soul inside a Brazen Bull and roast you until you beg for mercy....

I must be a masochist because I love it.

5/5 Stars for character development and fantastic writing.


Ms. author, please have mercy and let us live to see daylight again ;_; * shivers in a corner *

P.S. I literally yell at the characters and author though my monitor during every chapter.
I'm gonna cry for the one not chosen by Nina.. poor guy!! Can't wait to read the last volume.
Good God woman make a choice already.
I read the summaries for the last two chapters... I won't say anything, just that I'm happy that the girl finally chooses the guy I like!
Their still morons, except for Miyake.
I actually quite like Nina. She was a bit annoying in the beginning but she is only fourteen and, more important, has even grown up a bit in the course of the story. I think she's a much more respectable shoujo heroine than most. I wish she would get over her feelings for Kyousuke but I'm guessing that's not so easy. Nevertheless, she has really tried her best with Miyake, and does think about him seriously - she doesn't even abandon him and run over to Kyou every time he shows a bit of interest. Overall, I think all the characters in Tonari no Atashi are quite real. There are clear and realistic reasons as to why they feel the way they feel and do the things they do - and what's more, none of them are one-dimentional.
He isn't glad.
I already read the summaries for the last chapters. Just want to say that I love this manga.
WARNING!!~ WARNING!!~~ It will cause your "Heart" to explode!!(Better take Morphine before reading it)
Kyou is an idiot. You want to be with Nina just tell her already, stop being a douche about it. My advice for Miyake is to stay far away from Nina because all she is going to do is hurt him someway. Nina is still a moron.
T__T my heart is breaking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah *histerical rant * Miya-pon NOOOO fight it out for her T^T but is much better if you stay with me!! I'll love you much much much much more!!
I'm usually always for the childhood friend, however this time, I'm rooting for Miyake!! DO YOUR BEST!!
Good story so far. I came to the conclusion that their all morons except for Miyake. I think he's the only one I see that has some sense. Nina gets on my nerves. Kyousuke is a dumbass, he shouldn't have got together with Asou. Asou needs to stay away from her ex, seriously isn't that guy a little too old for her. Miyake is a cool dude he just feel in love with the wrong chick. Good story like I said can't wait for the next couple of chapters.
HOLY SHIT!i'm confused now \(@.@)\
Miya-kun looks so depress ToT
But actually the ones who's really depress is Kyou-chan
just look at that smile when he said he's going to tell her, although he loves eumura, he's going to let go of her and hand her to miake-kun ToT
after reading this manga i'm afraid to fall in love-_-

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