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Tsurezure Children

Alt Names: alt 徒然チルドレンalt Tsure x Dure Childrenalt Tsuredure Childrenalt Tsuredzure Children
Author: WAKABAYASHI Toshiya
Artist: WAKABAYASHI Toshiya
Genres: 4-Koma 4-KomaComedy ComedyRomance RomanceSchool Life School LifeSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: This is the official serialization of Wakabayashi Toshiya's popular 4-koma collection.

It's a manga about kids going through a year of High School. Watch as they go through the high and lows of relationships and learn a few things about life, love, and sushi while they're at it.

Some segments of this manga is split between this and the original Pixiv collection. You can find the release order here under Tankobon Release Order: http://bato.to/forums/topic/23170-relationship-continuation-list-by-moredrowsy/

First Volume of chapters (1-17) are the same as found in the original pixiv collection:

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Title Group Contributor Date
Ch.189: Protagonist (Motoyama/Enomoto)
/a/nonymous & True Love Translations tltl 6 days ago
Ch.188: Parent and Child (Kaji/Kaji)
/a/nonymous & True Love Translations tltl 6 days ago
Ch.187: Am I That Bad (Noro/Gouda)
/a/nonymous & True Love Translations tltl 6 days ago
Ch.186: Santa Claus (Hosokawa/LoveMaster)
/a/nonymous & True Love Translations tltl 6 days ago
Ch.185: Adult (Chiba/Kirihara)
/a/nonymous & True Love Translations tltl 6 days ago
Vol.10 Ch.174.1: Vol10 Omake
/a/nonymous & True Love Translations tltl 6 days ago
Vol.10 Ch.174: Afterfestival
/a/nonymous & True Love Translations tltl 6 days ago
Vol.10 Ch.173: Miss Wabisabi (Shibasaki/Kaji)
/a/nonymous & True Love Translations tltl A week ago
Vol.10 Ch.172: Follow the Stars (Nanase/Kaga/Sasahara/Yukawa)
/a/nonymous & True Love Translations tltl A week ago

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Umm... was that tragedy tag always there or did it just appear?

Tsurezure sinking ships like it's a cannon ball lately.


Also I think this ship is going down for good. At least I hope so, while we are seeing all this from the point of view of Motoyama, Enomoto and this other guy have a nice thing going for them, it would suck for it to be ruined. Brotoyama will stand up again some day. Unlike Batoto (too soon)

sigh... I wish that was genuine end to Motoyama's arc. But you know that there's going to be some twist in the end to get them together.

You make it sound like this is a bad thing.

Well fellas, except BCS cause he was a fucking jabroni to the bitter end, it was a good run


sigh... I wish that was genuine end to Motoyama's arc. But you know that there's going to be some twist in the end to get them together.


Dammit Motoyama, not like this...

brotoyamaaaaa!!!   shit the best wingman just down, along with batoto

I didn't ask for this T__T

this chapter is not what we needed for this dark times.

Nice chapter dump to end batoto. Thanks TLTL

Many bows and sincere thanks to tltl for getting these last chapters out in these end times...of bato.to. It was a pleasure not only reading these but seeing all of the comments here as well. So long all!

Batoto is ending. Tsurezure Children festival has ended. Motoyama's ship is sinking. WTF IS HAPPENING. WHAT'S ALL THIS WATER COMING OUT FROM MY EYES

Devastating chapter at this terrible time.

Mementohomoquia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris

fk why did it have to end it like this ...Motoyama kun a God among mere mortals...

Final countdown~

Thanks for this spurt of chapters, tltl. Must have been a shit-ton of work to get them out before Bato.to died.

Following this series without Batoto will be a hardcore pain in the ass with all those new chapters released only in the volumes...

Mother and daughter at the same time, dude.

Glad that Kirihara found his responsible adult power. And Chiba I am happy that you finally come to terms with it.


Good luck, Noro.


Brotoyama, you are wise and strong. You will rise up and find your worthy waifu.


Bye, people of Batoto.

Thank you for your hard work and for bringing tsurezure to all of us! With this I can say good bye to bato.to T^T

Okay, so, in order:


174: The end of the festival was perfect! Heartwarming and all. (It's also pretty heartwarming to see Erika's mom thinking that her daughter is gay and being ok with it).

And Love Master is still the best!


185: This chapter was pretty cliché, but the ending was interesting. I wonder how it will play out for the two. 


186: Everytime there is a chapter about those two, it's laughing my ass off. But, damn Love Master, be carefull with your health.


187:Noro can be a big moron, but I like how he's trying his best to do things well. And I appreciate the fact that he's starting to fall really in love with Alice (and not just be persuaded that she loves him and he's a lady killer). I like people who try to acknowledge their mistakes. 


188: Funny chapter. Nice to see Ryouko's mom, and nice to see how she's arguing with her daughter.


189: Damn... I'm feeling pretty bad for Motoyama here, but also because I never considered the possibility of Enomoto being already in love with someone. We can't blame her or hate her for that, but damn, poor Motoyama. I really hope he will get his happy ending, he deserve it! Really, the dude got his heart broken, and he's still acting mature and not petty about it. I really, REALLY appreciate that. 



And what a chapter to end Batoto on. Well, thanks tltl for the last minute massive release! It was a fun ride guys. Hope to see you in the future on another website. Long live Tsurezure Children, and rest in peace Batoto! 



174 and I'm bawling. if the series had ended on that, I'd be totally satisfied. glad it's going on to give more couples their resolutions, but that was one of the best arcs ever.

He was a bro to the very end. FFFFFFFFFFF

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