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Vivid Cherry

Alt Names: alt ビビッドチェリーalt 恋恋樱桃色
Author: Ayase Umi
Artist: Ayase Umi
Genres: Romance RomanceSchool Life School LifeShoujo ShoujoSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: While every other girl appears to like guys, Hanamura Taka is an exception. And then she meets Sakura-kun, a person from her new job... and he asks her to keep a secret for him.
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That was cuuuuuuute! I really like the heroine! I thought I'll be unsatisfied about the ending since it's ended so fast but surprisingly, I can accept that pretty well lol it's wrapped up nicely!


Still, I think I'd like an extra oneshot or something to see how and where they're going in the near future-- (perhaps after Taka's niece is born?)


Thank you Elision-Scans and Summer Rain!

Oh no! slice of life, how could you pull the flower from the ground before it blooms! with a cool protag gal like her, I want to see her achieve her happiness but I suppose this avoids the dragging on of a story. No doubt, he'll fall for her eventually though. I'd like to see sidestories/spin offs for all the other characters (esp the guy friend and the pregnant sister) with candid appearances of these two and see where they're going. 

Aw, cute.

Thanks for the fluff, Summer Rain Scans!

I liked the ending :) It was a short story of how they met, sweet and refreshing. Not every manga needs to be 10 volume long shoujo that has million twists and turns and cliff-hangers. 

That ending was kind of all over the place. I feel like I missed a few chapters :S

Nice short story. :)

No wait.  that was the end? thought it was starting 

Well, that was a great end :D

Thanks for the update!

Fue muy lindo. pero por que termino en solo 4 capítulos. fue un final muy abierto. quería mas. 

¡¡Hermoso!! un manga encantador ~ *-* ¿Aún está en proceso de traducción? Me interesa muchísimo saber cómo continúa la historia ;; Esperando una nueva actualización :)

I should have figured it out from the genre tags but from the description I thought she was going to go after a reverse trap and that she wasn't interested in guys. Having said that, it was a great read :) Thanks Elision-Scans & Summer Rain! 

>Read this


>Proceed to put CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT on loop.


>Sings along




If you can't, go die~~

just mates some males




ahhh this is cute though~

Hahaha  mated  lol


It's cute in a not-annoying way.
Makes you want to read more.

"While every other girl appears to like guys, Hanamura Taka is an exception"

From what I read in the summary, I assumed she mated Males like the stereotypical Shoujo Girl but I was wrong, it's very innocent.

Cute stuff so far, followed.

Very cute ,hope it will be slow romance and they won't fall in love for each other in chapter 3 .

There isn't enough slow romance manga !

Thanks por el cap :3  me ha encantado *w* (>.< sakura-kun <3)

Muy lindo. Espero mas capitulos 

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