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Yuki no Shita no Qualia

Alt Names: alt 雪の下のクオリアalt Qualia Under the Snow
Author: Kii Kanna
Artist: Kii Kanna
Genres: Drama DramaShounen Ai Shounen AiSlice of Life Slice of Life
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
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I love this. Thank you scanlators for providing it here. <3



ah, i like the end. I mean ok it wasn't executioned in the best possible way, but i like the psychological idea of them as kids kind of okaying them as adults. more psychology in mangas please! <3

wait, so were those two kids at the end like, the personification of those cats who wouldn't poop in the right place? 

One of the best mangas I've read. Loved the art.

Thank you for the update. This was one of the best mangas I've read. The characters, the artwork, the story, everything about it was great. 

Holy shit that was the end?! It was good tho. Good series- and the art was 10/10

if there were a douchebag olympics the protagonist would win hands down, he's like the michael phelps of douchebaggery

Don't normally read shounen ai.


But this. This is great.

The good part of this manga is all the weird faces characters make!
This should have twice the readership it currently has. There's depth, there's emotion, the characters' relationship is developing nicely, what more can you ask for?

thanks for the update!

pleasantly bittersweet--with more sweet than bitter. Nice character interaction and it's good to see the family members and how they impact the main chafracters.

Look forward to more development :3 :3  


Love the art. Can't say the same for the main character. I hope he gets some character development. I'll follow for now.

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