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Self Published

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  Title Author Artist Type Status Mature

Prototype: Zero

Darknblack33 Darknblack33 Manga (Japanese) Ongoing


A.I. A.I. Other Ongoing

Kang Admi

Jerome Gilden Agustian Noor Other Ongoing

My New Friend is a Cat

BlackRose108 (Jael Jackson) BlackRose108 (Jael Jackson) Other Ongoing

Holders: Prologue

Sheen T. Stars Sheen T. Stars Other Ongoing


Thanos Kyratzis Stelios Pliatsikas Other Ongoing


Herc Ridamai Herc Ridamai Other Ongoing

The Proposal

Power-J Power-J Other Complete

Kipen Manga

Kipen Erobi Other Ongoing

Dilan: The Chronicles of Covak

Daniel Penagos & Oscar Torres & Sebastian Amaya Daniel Penagos Artbook Ongoing

I am the Final Boss

RenSensei RenSensei Other Ongoing


Anthony Malone Andres Other Ongoing

Blood Rush

Eoin Magee Eoin Magee Other Complete


Onigensou Onigensou Other Ongoing

The Macaroni Girl

Docintar FiciWici Other Ongoing


Sek Kurisu-kun Other Complete

Four Corners

Boniae Boniae Other Ongoing

This is another world

Alexcloud Keyliom & Mady Atisuto Other Ongoing

The Scarlet Vow

MANYU & Buka Manga MANYU Manhua (Chinese) Ongoing

Night With a Monstar

KUROMI Moni KUROMI Moni Manga (Japanese) Complete


E.Wall E.Wall Other Ongoing


KUROMI Moni KUROMI Moni Other Ongoing


FlamboHD FlamboHD Other Ongoing Mature

The dreams in my world

Mauricio Tapia Mauricio Tapia Other Ongoing Mature

Diamond Cutter

Eoin Magee Eoin Magee Other Ongoing


Marius Black Marius Black Other Ongoing Mature

World Central : Illusory

Jiohard Jiohard Other Ongoing

Shokugeki no Soma

Tsukuda Yuuto Saeki Shun Manga (Japanese) Ongoing

Battered Young Woman Doctor

Green Lizard & Buka Manga Green Lizard Manhua (Chinese) Ongoing

Autumn's Sanctuary

KUROMI Moni KUROMI Moni Other Complete

I Love BL Comics

Li Zhiheng & Mei Dajiong & Buka Manga Li Zhiheng & Mei Dajiong & Buka Manga Manhua (Chinese) Ongoing

Con meo vui tinh

Vu Mai Truc Nguyen Artbook Complete


Carl-Alex Cu-ry Other Ongoing

My Girlfriend is a Gangster

Fishi☆ Fishi☆ Manhwa (Korean) Ongoing

Stigma (eng)

Quentin Rigaud Quentin Rigaud Kathrine Avraam Other Ongoing Mature

Roaracryst Tales

Hiroshi Ukunoshadi Hiroshi Ukunoshadi Manga (Japanese) Complete

Dating My Childhood Bully(Discontinued)

Fishi✰ Fishi✰ Other Ongoing

Delivery Boy Debacle

Xiao Bai Yun A Jin Manhua (Chinese) Complete

Odd at War

João Rebocho Jeff Santos Other Ongoing


Ghored Ghored Other Complete


Shroomsday Shroomsday Other Ongoing


Ryuzaki Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti Manga (Japanese) Ongoing

Guidance of Paranoia

BaiDing&Starry Sky&Buka Manga BaiDing&Starry Sky&Buka Manga Manhua (Chinese) Ongoing

Crimson Ribbon: Smoke on the Water

Alessio Alex Guni Alessio Alex Guni Other Ongoing Mature

Gabriel The Legend

Jaxon Brawly Jaxon Brawly Other Ongoing

Treasure House Of God

KiraStar KiraStar Manhua (Chinese) Ongoing


INHA2016 INHA2016 Other Ongoing


Nerior Nerior Other Ongoing

Don's Adventure

YunDuoWU&Buka Manga YunDuoWU Manhua (Chinese) Ongoing

Crystal Jewels Doujin

Rona Ino Ashi Nakuko Manga (Japanese) Ongoing

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