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#1651226 Moving forward: Upcoming changes and schedules

Posted by Grumpy on 22 October 2015 - 03:19 PM

Other thread is so clogged, felt like a new announcement would be more visible. This thread is locked and purely for announcement only.


Bot Mitigation

I will be implementing some bot mitigation techniques. This will be the first of changes along with different reader. From the brainstorms, I've learned a few things that may assist in curbing bots, in addition what I thought of implementing. Some of it will be a bit more of an enterprise solution, some of it will be custom solutions, and some of it will just be basic changes that make crawling more of a hassle.


These will be added over a long period of time. Almost all of these are machine targeting machine. And you won't even see it.


Changes to Reader

To assist with the bot mitigation and reduction of resource usage, the reader will be changed a bit. It will look mostly the same, some might not even notice. But it is coded in a way that'll help me track the abuses more as well as making it lighter weight. So, the users should be able to hit next page faster too. Yay! This is already coded and being tested.


Unfortunately, this comes with new URL scheme. Old URLs will be shut down once new is fully operational and without issues.


Also, it will now require javascript & cookies to function. So... to the <1% that has it off. Sorry.


Membership Requirement

This has been a source of lot of controversy, but I do still find it almost certain it will happen. Yes, some users will leave. Ad revenue may go down, but so will operating costs. They always move together. I foresee no financial concern from this change. On top of that, kenshin has offered more help that's acting as a safety net in terms of cost issues. And if that means I get to have more horsepower to serve the members that care, I see no real concern. I believe what made Batoto into the giant that we have grown into are the contributors. And by contributors, I mean from people who's uploaded thousands of chapters and to people who's made a single comment about their thoughts. Contents are what makes this site, and they already are members.


There are no plans to close membership nor anything like a paywall. You can register anytime you want, and become part of this community.


Membership requirement will not be a sudden switch. It will be eased in. And what requires membership will slowly grow. The slow pace will give me the numbers to confirm/break my expectations. And that is from where I'll ultimately draw the final choice, not from guesses or what might be. I can't see the future, nor can anyone else from thin air.


Uploader's Private Direct Link

This is one change of direction I realized may be helpful after reading the feedbacks in various places. The uploader, optionally can generate a second URL to the chapter. It will not be mentioned anywhere on this site, but people coming to that URL from the source site won't need membership to view. That way, we can still provide a reliable way for uploaders to share without affecting the anti-crawl of our system.


I will likely add this sometime while membership requirement is being eased in. Hopefully in early stage.


Why are Changes Being Made Now?

Quite a lot seemed confused about this. I do apologize for lack of clarity initially. I've said before, but complete prevention of copying Batoto isn't the goal. It's just not possible. I know that some of them have humans to copy from Batoto in rare occasions that I troll them with fake contents. Goal is to reduce it.


Over the years of maintaining Batoto, I didn't do it alone. I have hired other professionals in the past occasionally to help. And their first reaction to my server is always that I'm getting DDoS'ed. If that were true, this is the longest DDoS in history of the internet. (They do eventually know that it's not) We just get crawled that much. We have to get it down to a reasonable level where it's manageable. This, is a viable goal.


It's not that Batoto's going to die tomorrow without making the change. Or a month or etc. It's an ever growing problem and has to be tackled sometime. Doing nothing is to just shut down.



Hopefully focus can be sent back to bunch of stuff that's like 80% done but never finalized... Like follows overhaul. Flattr/changetip that was started like years ago... So much in queue.


Self-Published Titles

None of this applies to self published titles. Except automatic bot mitigation.

#17148 Batoto is...

Posted by Grumpy on 27 September 2011 - 04:47 AM

(This is probably overdue... but better late than never)

Dear readers, fans, contributors, authors and friends,

Through this small letter of mine to you, I hope to let everyone understand what Batoto is all about -- why we exist, what we wish to exist for and why we must exist. Batoto at a glance is just another online comic reader, an aggregate of comics. But we exist for a goal much different than the others. We exist so that the community, the ecology, and the value, the economy, of comics have a place to exist.

I'm sure almost all of you have found your way here to read a scanlation -- a derivative work created by fans for the fans of an original comic. Scanlations exist because there is no other way. Without scanlations much of the world populous would be unable to read your favorite comics, whether it be a manga (Japanese), manhwa (Korean), manhua (Chinese) or any other origin, due to barriers of language and barriers of finances. Ordering a comic that you cannot read from a country far away where shipping will easily out price the comic 3 to 1 is just not possible for many of us. I'm sure you've had moments where you laughed and cried (or you didn't read enough!) as you read them. But the joy that it brought to you is a moment that everyone deserves and a moment that we hope to share. And that is why scanlation exist. As much as many of us wish that all of this can be done for free of charge, free of hassle, that is not possible. There are expenses; you need to pay for your comics, you need to buy equipments to make the process possible, you need to pay for hosting your content, and etc. Then there are those who earn through this process; your hosting company earned, even your electric power company earned, and etc. You see, everything in the world has an intricate active economy no matter what. Sometimes you need to spend more, sometimes less. And when the costs end up being too high, you may have to just stop. And that is why Batoto exists. Batoto hosts not only your comics but also the groups' own ads with them for participating groups. This gives them the chance to recoup their costs through their own advertiser(s) for who need it. This may not be a lot, but through their earnings, it secures their ability to continue and motivate to do more. (While this crossed out statement is still within Batoto's ideals, we are currently unable to do so due to changes in ad networks' function. We will re-enable this feature if/when we can.)

Now that is why we exist today, but we want be and do so much more. Primarily we want to be a place where you can publish your own. Next, we also want to truly be part of the economy of comics. Today, there is no place where you can publish your own comics without heavy restrictions or retain your rights to your work except through self publication. But if you were to publish your own web comics on your own website, vast majority will struggle to even get hundreds of views. Numbers like these will not be able to financially help the author. So, just like we make the impact for scanlation, we want to do the same for self published work. A place where they'll retain full rights and immediately be introduced to potentially millions of viewers. Then, perhaps, they can spend their energy in creativity of their work rather than worrying about their next meal. Another wish for Batoto is to be able to be in a position to buy licenses to increase our reaches to more comics in more languages than ever before. This way, our existence benefits the ecology and the economy of the comic world.

Lastly, Batoto must exist. Today, there is a growing trend in the comic world that's quite frightening and making me grumpy. That is: loss of respect. Some of our competitors are doing things that are just wrong. Some are doing things against the wishes of their scanlators, publishers and/or authors. Hosting the content even when requested not to. Frequently even ignoring DMCA notices as the reaches of the law are often powerless in the Internet. Some are even going as far as claiming that the works are their own. What can we do when even the law can't? We can show people that there is a better way. We can educate people to do things the right way. And we want to show that doing right way doesn't even require more effort or cost. Though we may not be able to eliminate those who disrespect others, we hope to diminish their effects and their powers by simply being the better alternative.

Batoto is a publisher that just wants to make things right.

Founder of Batoto, the one who is grumpy about what's wrong.

#1650289 Batoto becoming registered only?

Posted by Grumpy on 20 October 2015 - 02:29 PM

I write this announcement about becoming private, meaning that only members will be able to browse this site (or a portion of it).
I post this with quite a bit of reluctance because it's something I wanted to avoid. Since pretty much the beginning, there have been requests to make this site private or to increase security of this site so that it doesn't become simply the source for all the other manga aggregates. But I have always said no because I envisioned this site being as open as possible and available to as many as possible. That principle is why, for basic reading, this site even runs without javascript, flash, or pretty much anything beyond most basic requirements--something few sites do today. These two goals of openness and security are both something we want to achieve but they are contradictory to the other and in the end I've chosen ease of use for the users. Times are changing though and it's getting increasingly difficult to maintain this site while being as open as it is now.
Currently, Batoto is undoubtedly the go-to source for hundreds other aggregates. Changes and additions made on this site gets automatically updated elsewhere, like this love of ponies (if that link stops working). People uploading here did not intend for their works to be copied everywhere else. Complete prevention of a copy is not an achievable goal, but making it inconvenient--creating a deterrence is possible. And that is making contents viewable by members only.
The change kind of scares me to be honest. From an administrator's point of view. Batoto is very optimized to be viewed by guests because guests make up roughly 90% of the visitors--and it's much easier to optimize for guests as they require less dynamic actions. When they all become members, many of existing optimizations made over the years become useless. I don't know if our current system can handle the increased load. I don't know if decrease in bot load will be significant enough. I don't know if it'll make more members leave us. I don't know if ad revenues will be enough to support the system once it's changed. There's quite a lot of unknowns.
I feel the change is (most likely) inevitable. However, the question of how it changes is not certain yet. I'm open to hear suggestions and ideas on this.


Few things.

  • We don't really care about SEO. Bare minimum of it is sufficient. It has never been a big thing for us. So, don't worry about that.
  • The easier the hurdle to pass, the less useful it will be, but more user friendly.
  • This change will break a lot of other sites and apps that rely on Batoto to function.
  • Opting for partial private may also be possible. Like newly uploaded are visible for few days without registration.
  • Objective: No more crawly crawly on this site.





Well, this is certainly the hottest announcement topic.


I want to clarify something. I post this now and here not because I want to play police, ego or some stuff like that. If it was, I would've changed a long ago. I post this now, I change my objective as someone who maintains this site. I want to shave off a few million page hits a day. With great thanks to kenshin, our bandwidth costs don't increase that much with increased traffic. I still maintain my original image source nodes, so it's not a big shave off in cost, but it is completely manageable. What's biggest (always has been) cost is the HTML of this site, processing the pages that needs to be served. These run on farm of really beefy CPU servers with SSD and I'm currently looking to see if it's necessary to purchase another to handle the load. And one of my ad networks haven't paid me in 3 months. So I'm running on a red.


We have over 10,000 comics. And over 300,000 chapters. When 100 other crawlers think they need this content, some of it on a few minute basis (to check for new chapters)! Numbers REALLY add up. Humans don't do this. Because there is follows. You don't need to visit 10,000 comics just to see if there's something new.


There are number of anti-crawl features on this site already. All of which I tried to make that doesn't hinder normal users at all. It has caught a few real people using download scripts too. But it's insufficient; it's too lightweight. Pretty much since year 1 of Batoto, other crawlers have been using IP distributed crawls. Without further tracking tools for me, they're just not possible to track.


Hitting some of the new chapters are less of a concern. It's the deep crawl that concerns me.




Edit 2:


For those saying just don't do it. The alternative is to shut down. Crawling is non-sustainable. Have to do something.

#1686595 Fake Batoto site warning!

Posted by Grumpy on 21 December 2015 - 01:02 AM

I've been getting notices from various users about fake Batoto sites that's out there.

It looks exactly like us (pretty sure direct copy of everything), but with their own ads.


DO NOT LOGIN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE on the fake site. They're stealing your id/passwords. If you end up on that site for any reason, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.

If you ever logged in to one of those sites before, change your password on EVERY SITE that uses the same password, not just here.


Our domain is bato.to. Anything else is fake.

#1337836 [Recommendations] {ARCHIVE}

Posted by Xagnam on 05 August 2014 - 11:46 PM

Where Can I Find...? [Recommendations]




The Where Can I Find...? [Recommendations] has been moved to unsure more growth and grant higher expectations! Please click the link above to be taken to our new home. Thank you~


This thread is now an archive of all the posts and various recommendations users have made concerning novels, light novels, and web novels from August 5, 2014 - March 20, 2015.

#1346806 Malware warning by Google [Incident: 2014/08/21]

Posted by Grumpy on 21 August 2014 - 03:07 PM

Well... don't panic... but it appears Batoto has been hacked.



Google scanner reported that there is malware present on this site about half a day ago from this post date which caused the malware warning being displayed to anyone trying to visit the site which started the investigation.


An encrypted javascript injection (simply malware/virus) was found in Batoto's skin code, namely Deluxe. This is highly concerning since the admins are the only ones supposed to be the only one who should be able to access that. I cleaned out the infection, but later decided to nuke the entire skin as there may be more lingering pieces. Deluxe skin has been deleted and will not be restored. In place, our old skin, Sylo is back to default and Blood is still there as an option.


At this time, I am unable to be certain of the scope of the damage or the point of vulnerability. I am going to further investigate as to since when this virus was present later.


I'm not sure what the injected javascript does, because whenever I tried to access it, I either got an already suspended account it led to or a file not found page (404). But it is possible the not-found page is a disguise since it's possible to make the URL time gated and/or referrer gated to prevent accessing the same URL again later. At the same time, it's entirely possible the URL the virus tried to load really didn't exist and resulted in no action.


The virus itself seems to often hide itself, thus making detection difficult. On top of that, it seems very new (or recently altered) and does not exist in many anti-malware's database. That's why there were even notices by Google saying there's malware but found 0 pages with it. Almost no scanner I tried had detected it and almost gave up using scanners. It seems to have targeted IE users. I could not make the injected code appear using using firefox/chrome browser headers. It targeted users that came from a search engine. It was also invisible to standard googlebot.


During investigation, I also found out that the same kind of virus was previously present at another IPB site, completely independent of ours. And similarly, it is running version 3.4.6 (latest). So it seems most likely that this virus targets IPB sites and may be a zero-day exploit (an exploit that a patch does not exist for). I've sent little, but much info as I can to IPB as well in case it really is a zero-day attack vs IPB systems.


The biggest concern right now is that I still don't know exactly how the system was breached. If this really is an attack vs current version IPB system, I can't guarantee the virus won't return. If it was an exploit caused by the Deluxe skin, I have rid of it, but that's just a guess. I've been scouring the logs for last few hours... and besides the typical dozens attempts that failed (this is nothing specific to us, just life of sys admin), I really don't see anything special right now.




no unknown 3rd party items are being pulled during loading of Batoto pages. So google is no longer flagging us as suspicious.


If you see anything suspicious from this moment on, please report them immediately! If you don't have an account, you can email me: admin@batoto.com



Security tips & Profiling

These kind of malware (javascript injected into sites) are typically are after putting their ads / redirecting you to somewhere else / installing virus on your computer. From the reports I've gotten, it doesn't seem like that's happening. But just as a tip... If this site, heck any site or anything, anywhere EVER tells you to install something, don't. Only time you want to install something is if you initiated it. If you went out to search and install that thing.


Also, if you'd like, Batoto is designed to be able to run without JS or flash. You can run this site with pure html & css only which has zero risk. But certain features will be inaccessible.




It looks like we're okay. But we might not be.



p.s. This incident is not related to the ads.

#1350192 New Address/Server Coming to Batoto

Posted by Grumpy on 26 August 2014 - 04:17 AM

In a few days (depending on datacenter's delivery time), Batoto is going to be moving main web servers. No downtime for reading is expected, but downtime for uploading is expected. Shouldn't be too long, few hours at most. Retire the old hardware (though not that old) and get brand new ones and save money while at it. Seems like a win-win scenario. Briefly for the nerds, 3x servers with E5-1650v2s are ordered.


Along with physical move, I'm going to move the domain as well to: bato.to 

I actually wanted to move to that quite a while ago... a while ago enough that I probably wasted a bit of money in domain registration renewal by now... haha... I think it just looks more awesome, ya? Bery bery short. The old addresses will be forwarding, so, even if you don't update your bookmarks, you will still be safe.


Oh! Don't go to that address yet. It is not setup yet.



Current status:

2 of the servers have been deployed by the data center. They were supposed to be ready for 25th, but guess they're late on one. So, I'm still waiting for them on ready to move stuff. I will definitely move before Sept 1st (that's when old one goes kaplowy).

#1796896 Emergency maintenance - 2017/06/09

Posted by Grumpy on 09 June 2017 - 04:52 AM

So I've been posting bits and pieces on the twitter and twitter is just so darn short...
Batoto runs on number of servers and there's one main server that's at the helm of all other servers. It controls what processing goes where, balances the load and handles certain key features including uploads.
I may be over personifying, but every computer/server has a personality. And you tend to see it more when you push it to the max. This main server has been finicky for quite some time. Sometimes it doesn't boot up right... Sometimes when it's pushed to extremes, it just starts being an ass. It's always made my maintenance longer than expected and a large reason to a huge chunk of downtime in percentage. 
Like the last tweet on May 17th (part1 part2) was about this server too. Whether it was intentional DDoS or a swarm of haywire bots (they happen surprisingly often... *cough* baidu *cough*), I didn't bother to investigate, but that ignited the jerkwad mode and the precipice of downtime. About 70%+ of my time sink and downtime was due to that. Historically, that wasn't even the worst event, but I don't intend to start another story time. Generally, after much effort, it goes back to being normal.
Today though... It just went poof. With no visible cause. Rather, it was it going poof that made me think it was having abnormal traffic as the outflow was off because it wasn't juggling the load properly.
It's still running. And throwing no errors. No error logs relating to hardware. Temperatures fine. etc. Everything says it's fine. But it's running at like 1/10th of the speed. And no matter how much I try to console it, doesn't seem to change.
So, I took the last resort and signed a new server entirely. Hooked everything up. And this is how performance has been restored now. (Would appreciate some donations. Actually not behind much since I'll be cancelling the previous later and I stick with monthly contracts.)
The main server is doing very little right now and adding even a tiny bit more would make it cry again.
The new server still needs to be handed over more of less demanding but still numerous tasks including handling of uploads (which is next in priority) (upload now complete). Once all of that is done, it will be the new main server. Do expect some minor down times as I still progress with this. But we should generally be online without super lag we've been seeing all day.
I'll keep y'all updated with any significant progress.

#1346845 Malware warning by Google [Incident: 2014/08/21]

Posted by Halo on 21 August 2014 - 03:42 PM

... It seems to have targeted IE users.

So nobody was affected? Sweet.

#1183397 Welcome to Potato High School!

Posted by seyrine on 01 April 2014 - 03:17 AM

To Spuds Everywhere,


We here at Batoto Institute of Science and the Arts (BISA) are pleased to announce a slight change to our tater-based curriculum. With the goal of providing quality education and excellent service, we have decided to go back to our roots; henceforth the name of this proud institution will be changed to "Potato High School". We've been eyeing this change for some time now to fulfill the vision set by our dear leader, the great spud Grumpy (Ezonoo Principal). We believe this change reflects our long-standing position as a premier, tuber-based educational institution, and a world leader for educating potatoes everywhere. The following changes will take effect immediately:

  • The name of the institution will be changed to "Potato High School".
  • The staff will be reshuffled and given new teaching roles. Their new teaching loads and assignments will be reflected in their designations, titles and wherever it is possible to be displayed.
  • Potatoes will now be classified according to their grade level; from freshman to alumni spuds.
  • The official mascot for Batoto will be changed from OMGWTFBBQPONIES to The Fighting Irish Potato.
  • Numerous tuber-related fixes.

We sincerely believe that these changes will be beneficial to all parties involved. Thank you, remember to not eat your spuds (cannibalism is bad!), get plenty of sunlight and nutrients, and as always, have fun reading!


#1527576 Where Can I Find...? [Recommendations]

Posted by Xagnam on 20 March 2015 - 03:10 PM



If you want me to add a recommendation to the list, make sure it is in a format that is readily available to read online/offline for free.

There has been a surplus of interest concerning web novels and light novels recently, and in the hope of providing everyone a portal in which they can find the most popular and interesting reading material, I have created this thread. Please be sure to bookmark and/or follow this topic as I will be updating it regularly to keep everyone and myself happy. I suggest you message me here on Batoto, Re:Translations' IRC channel, or Japtem's Chatango concerning new recommendations or what should be changed/edited/updated. Feel free to also use this thread as a means to keep everyone up to date on what's new. Thank you!
Titles colored in GREEN are 18+ in content (sexuality, nudity, strong language, violence and gore, or sensitive ideology or topics). Titles given the <15> and <18> warning from Syosetsuka ni Narou have also been listed with GREEN for 18+.

I am not liable for your exposure to their subject matter, you have been warned. Please inform me if a title warrants a rating change, I can not be expected to know each title's content.


アホ Updates  A directory of light/web novel translators, and updates.

REINCARNATION // the protagonist has been reborn...


TRANSPORTED // the protagonist has been transported to a different universe...

TIME TRAVEL // the protagonist has gone back or forward in time...

VIRTUAL REALITY // the protagonist experiences journeys in a virtual reality environment with role playing game characteristics...

#1016033 I know what you're doing over christmas!

Posted by Grumpy on 20 December 2013 - 08:29 AM

You're reading comics! Here!


I just had to order another image server because my estimate says I'm gonna go past my bandwidth quota. lol

I guess I'll see if it needs to be kept past January or not.

#1109784 How I Plan to Overhaul the Follows for Comics

Posted by Grumpy on 11 February 2014 - 01:15 PM

I know this gets posted very often in the suggestion and with merit. But I want to share with people what I envision at least. And get a good sense of how people would feel about this change. Once complete, I will remove the existing comic follows (both the old and newer that we have).


The current follows system is a mix of my custom work based on IPB's core follow system. I had initially used the IPB's core follow in hopes that it'll help me in development and implementation. But I was very wrong. My attempts to use it in the manner which we use it turned out to be very inefficient and limiting. So, it will be removed entirely. I'm not saying your follow list is going to be emptied, of course, they will be imported to the new system. I'm saying the new version will not use IPB's core follow anymore.


Phase 1: 

The adherence to the language selection will obviously be supported.


This will be composed of 2 3 parts. The latest updates (like you see now in your follows) and list of comics. But the list of comics will contain information much like the old follows. This includes when it was updated and what you've last read. The comics will be sorted alphabetically and will have pages for those of you who have many follows.


Phase 1 will completely replace the "newer" follows. As it has no missing feature that the previous has, it shouldn't be any issue.


Phase 1.5:

Not a significant phase. But I'll also add export feature to export your current list.


Phase 2:

Additional sorting of the comics will be added. Including:

  • by latest release
  • by popularity (probably will be some form of follow count)

This cannot be done at the same time due to how we currently track comics. Or... lack of how we track comics. A lot of change will have to occur before the phase 2 can get started. This stage will also open additional doors to sorting via follows in comic search (I know that gets brought up lot too) as well as more accurate follow count.


End of Phase 2 will completely remove the old follows. As it has no missing feature that the previous has, it shouldn't be any issue.


Phase 3:

Option to remember what you've read.

This is per chapter. It will remember ALL the chapters you've read and mark it so. This applies to comic page as well (not the front page though). If there are chapters you've read already, they will be marked like this.

For your privacy, this feature will be off by default. So, we're not like youtube who remembers things you watched even if you delete your history...


Multiple follow list!

There will be a default: "My Follows" category which holds your follows. And then you can create additional categories. You can name each categories whatever you want, though I think i'll restrict you to alphanumeric characters (and space) in what you can name them for less hassle security reasons. So you can create categories like "Completed", "To read", etc. to organize your follows in your own custom setup.


Public lists. You can make your list public. It will be set to hidden by default.




Follows for groups will be left as is. I have no plans for that right now. And I have enough plans.

#1701034 Contributor Request

Posted by rello on 11 January 2016 - 05:30 AM

Hello, I'm rello from http://bato.to/forums/user/216625-rello/


I post Helck on this website and would like to request for contributor status.


I have read and understood the rules regarding the use of the forum and the website. I am also familiar with the uploading process.


It's just me right now and honestly, I didn't even know I had a group page on this site until only recently. I guess it's automatic? So I have my own page here so that's pretty nice. 

#1409628 Batoto, IPB Update to 3.4.7

Posted by Grumpy on 24 November 2014 - 12:16 PM

Just finished the update to 3.4.7. Sorry it took so long. I honestly expected it to take like 10min of downtime and said 30min on twitter for comfort. Yeah... Took 2hrs to get it all running. That's what happens when there's bugs hiding in places.



IP.Content (the portion which you see comics, front page, follows, groups, chat... everything minus forums & members & donate) actually didn't even get updated. So it was really weird how IP.C was the one that was breaking from the update. I still don't know why it exactly happened. I just know that I stopped using the little thingy that broke entirely. It was previously used to hide the "breadcrumb" which is the thing at the top that goes Batoto Forums > Batoto > Announcement > etc on IP.C pages. Now it's just off. Anyway, I'm guessing people don't really care about the details, I wouldn't care either... though was frustrating to drill down. :(


On actual reasons to updating. The update actually has very little contents that may be interesting. I mostly did it now for security patch in case I missed anything in the past. Also, bug fixes. Minor bug fixes doesn't get listed separately on IPB's release notes I linked above.

#1650305 Batoto becoming registered only?

Posted by ku4eto on 20 October 2015 - 03:10 PM

Start promoting registrations. Like, put a banner on nice place, that has info about the pros of having registration. Then leave it for a month or two. And then implement needed registration.
Also, a simple header message about this change is needed 100%. Put it on top of the newly released chapters, and on the mainpage above all chapters. Just write into it about this change and that a registration will be needed + adding a link for registration. For all who are registered - they won't be seeing this. So only non-registered users will be inconvenied by this and they will try to register.

#190241 Sneak Peek

Posted by Grumpy on 06 May 2012 - 12:20 AM

Well, the installation of IPB 3.3 has been a time consuming one. Primarily because much of the customizations done by me were broken after the change. :(

New Look!
But, here's some peaks (with pics) for how it's going to look like.

First, there will be 2 skins (on top of IP.Board - Default).
The new default for our website will be "Deluxe" by Tom Christian
Attached File  Deluxe_comic.jpg   153.46KB   309 downloads Attached File  Deluxe_forums.jpg   261.73KB   484 downloads
And for those who want it dark, "Blood" by SkinBox
Attached File  Blood_comic.jpg   221.16KB   462 downloads Attached File  Blood_forums.jpg   309.67KB   276 downloads

I might or might not bring back Sylo (current theme) depending on if the new version is ever released (or if I ever bother to check).

New Features
There are couple features that comes with IPB 3.3 that were often requested.
  • Comment modification/deletion/report. You can do that yourself now. :D No more asking the mods for help on that.
  • And for the admins, comic/group searches are actually there in the admin panel. XD No more brushing through 50 pages.
That covers the two biggest ones by IPB. The full list is available at the IPB Website.

And by me!!
  • Site-wide language filter. Yep, this is probably THE most requested feature. And it'll roll in with the next upgrade. While it looks pretty simple, when the front page alone gets over 200 req in less than a minute with 2 tiers of caching, nothing's simple anymore to modify. :(
  • Follows Bugs. To be honest, this was fixed like months ago... But it was never implemented because I never had a good chance to get a scheduled down time with all the mess that's been happening.
Ad Share
I've already mentioned pretty much everything regarding to it in the Contributors forum (details of schedule) last month as well as the edit in the Emergency announcement (details of method) previously. Simply adding here to give a date of when. I'm assuming most people who care about this has already read it. If not, you know where to look.

For those with custom ad share setups (grandfathered methods from long long ago), from the moment the above system is set in place, they will ALL be discontinued. Why? Between problematic ads arising and security concerns, I don't think I can afford to have less control in this sector.

I'm hoping to get the above items sometime next week. I'll post further details when I'm fully ready and tested for.

Edit: Sorry, due to timing conflicts, this has been delayed. See latter posts for more details.


The Next Big Milestone
This has been one of Batoto's goals. But I guess everything slowed down. But, I'm happy to finally say: Webcomics in English.

No, we're not just going to rip them and put it here. Batoto would like to welcome all web comic, self published artists to join us.
The author/artists will retain all rights. No more iron-fist ruled publishing terms. We simply ask for a license to publish and to promote your comics. You can even advertise your other goods and merchandise on our website free of charge as well as ask for donations. We'll, of course, share ad revenue with the author/artists as well. The entire process won't cost the you anything with a lot to gain.

Interested? Mail us @ admin@batoto.com

#18063 Mangafox & Co. - How NOEZ does Business

Posted by ZakinYo on 12 October 2011 - 09:15 AM

Original Topic
I'm sure a good few of you are familiar with NOEZ - the company that runs Mangafox, which is an english aggregator for manga and has been inconsiderate of any scanlator's wishes. I'm sure that you also know that they attract millions of visitors to their site. The estimate given by NOEZ is around 80 million visits. This means that they earn an amount in thousands from Mangafox daily. That's quite the amount, right?

Mangafox is just one of their many sources for revenue. More commonly known sites owned by NOEZ are Wallpaperfox.com, Wallpaperhere.com, Mangahere.com, Animehere.com and Anime-eden.com. Some have the same whois info and are listed under the contact jacky@noez.com and based in New York. They all bring in ad revenue. Anime-eden is now defunct, much to the dismay of its subcribers. That's right, subcribers. Anime-eden had a subscription for the many anime series it hosted that had been fansubbed by others. They also have an online store at www.otakushop.com that sells merchandise with designs that have been taken from manga. They are running online businesses with a large profit margin that is dependent on piracy. It is unfair to the folk who spend a lot of their time scanlating and/or fansubbing the work for others and no profit. Most of all, it is unfair on the anime and manga industry who produce wonderful pieces of work for the enjoyment of us fans.

Other lesser known sites owned by NOEZ would be Otakuzone.com, Animeonline.net and game321.com. Yes, that last website is a site dedicated to online games. They operate under the name 'Ngames Limited' for their gaming ventures. You also won't find much about these in a whois search because NOEZ use private domain registration.

Currently, NOEZ have established profitable businesses in the online gaming, animation and comic book industry. All profit gained off of the hard work of others. I can't imagine what their cumulative revenue could be, but it's pretty obvious that they barely spend money on much besides themselves and server costs for their sites. That's a large profit margin. They then take that money and invest a minimum amount in other less shady business ventures, such as their games. However, even their games cause you to raise an eyebrow. "The anime-inspired “Pockie Ninja” is a blatant rip-off and an attempt at another project with minimum effort and huge profits. Again, the efforts and intellectual property of other individuals have been profitable for NOEZ. They rely hugely on the ignorance of their visitors and their customers.

It is definite that they operate in China. When searching for their parent company in chinese ( which is 'Hangzhou promise of science and technology' according to Google translate), the results are mainly job vacancy sites with the same contact details. The most interesting result to surface is this, which reveals the name of a 'President' of the company. A certain Ong Yong Ye (I expect there's a translation issue. Google translate's a bitch) seems to be the president of Hangzhou promise of science and technology. I can't provide much concerning Mr.Ye because I don't know any chinese. However, I expect Mr.Ye is a fake.

So far, a lot of names have popped up. NOEZ. Ngames Limited. Hangzhou promise of science and technology. It's pretty clear that they specialise in deception and thieving. More people need to know and understand their true nature and the way they operate. I also doubt whether this is all there is to them. Who knows? I might also learn chinese now.

Edit: I noticed Noez.com.cn is down, so I replaced a link with a screencap.

#1355654 New site skin!

Posted by Grumpy on 04 September 2014 - 10:14 AM

Just installed a new site skin called Subway. I'll be changing this one to default later as Sylo was a temporary choice and it lacks the newer IPB features due to it being an old skin.


Will be testing it out for a bit before making it default. If you want to try it yourself or curious as to how it looks, just scroll all the way down and click change theme.


Sylo will still be available.





Alright! It's the permanent new default skin now. If you want other versions, you can always login and select the skin version at the bottom of any page.

#1034068 Cam whores R us!

Posted by PervySageChuck on 02 January 2014 - 08:29 PM

Well, my friends, here are some pics of me and my sister.  Sorry about the size, I still don't know how to resize the damn things.