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[Artists Wanted] Batoto's FOol Covers

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Hiiiii my Lovely POtatoes Sprouts

April Fool's is coming up. Every year since 2014, Batoto accepts its rare golden eggs from members
to spread its love/laugh. As other Sites doesnt have this unique rareness event, Batoto is a special Gathering
for Scanlators/members alike. So we accept Trolling Releases on FOol's Week. I do hope many of you guys
will make lots and LOTS of Trolling Fool Releases this year. PLEASSSEEEEEEEEES with a Crescent Smile Strawberry CupMix.

As the Hostess/guidancess of FOol's Week (So lame title I know I know x''D), I gather all the lovely
Trolls and make a Lovely Comic for it. It is been the same name if you have been here for long.
Those of you whose new will know of it soon when it is announced.

THE MAIN POINT: in the past I just use images I found
around the net but I would like to do it differently starting this year moving forward.
(Until otherwise annouced differently)
Like to invite all Artists around the world to help me create a Lovely COVER for the Comic.

I do mean images /drawings..... not songs. But then if you go to such length, maybe just maybe we will accept it too x')


-NO Drawing/graphics/whatever form of art is allow to have any harassment of any person/religion/ethicity/background/gender and
such others.
- Submission must be your own. So you may do graphic design and stuff with images you gather from other site , but
you cant submit something that You didnt create. Basely any Raw images from other sources not allow.
-ONLY ONE submission per member/account.
-You may Edit Your image/post but there should only be one submission.
-Submission Art must contain some kind of thing related to April FOols. Must be something silly/funny/crazy/ etc...
- must be an clean submission. No sketches/faint marks nothing
That will disturb others from knowing what it is.
DEADLINE: Now until the End of the month.

Deciding Factor of the Winner: It is decide by Likes. x'D no other way to do it.....
If any chance thrre is only one art submit by the end,
He/she is the default winner. There will be four winners this year.

it will change next year, haven't decide yet.
So four submission that have highest likes will be featured in all
our four comics( this year's included) The 1st winner will
be featured in 2017 cover, 2nd will be in 2016 ..so on.

if for whatever reason we don't have four winners
Then the place of the winner will be featured in their corresponding
Place of the cover. No discussions in this thread please.

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Do you maybe have some examples from previous years? .-. since I'm not exactly sure what to make



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