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#1799653 Additional rating option for manga: Reading value

Posted by Theoderich on 27 June 2017 - 09:34 PM

As the current rating system does not work/is wayne by default,

I suggest adding a new rating system additionally to the current rating system.


In contrast to the current rating system, which fails to give a reliable approach towards the value of the story

while being but a mirror showing how "pleasant" the reading is for the "voting" people,

I believe an index that shows how much people would be willing to pay to own the tankobon

could provide a more realistic approach towards the true worth of the story (at least if the people aren't all trolls).


As with the current popularity and star ranking, I get the feeling that many people don't realize that they'd have to pay hundreds of dollars to legally own said high-rated (but also badly created) and long-lived series, especially those genric harem manga with low to no plot/character developement or those nonsensical Moe-manga with the obligatory all-female cast within a school setting.

And I bet that many of those people would not be willing to pay for them if they ever get serialized overseas.


However, that creates a silly oximoron, as they are seemingly well-recieved enough for high popularity and star rankings but would not be as popular if e.g. Yen Press was to release them for 15-20$ a volume.



That's why I'd like to suggest a rating option of how much people would be willing to pay per volume [if the series ever gets serialized overseas], something like: "nothing/wouldn't buy,  5$, 10$, 15$, 20$" as voteable options, averaging them as a number similar to the star count, maybe even shown on the left side of the star bar.


This could provide a better approach towards a realistic rating based on the quality of the story rather than just the reading "appreciation" and a better filter option to offlist all the manga that are just hyped up.




Of course, it would be nice if Batoto could also feature an option to list the current number of volumes released so that people can use their brains to process the amount of money they'd have to spend on the entire series and rate accordingly :)

#1295531 What would you do if your loved one cheats on/betrays you?

Posted by Theoderich on 25 June 2014 - 11:58 PM

As long as it happens before marriage and intimate relationship just dumping that human garbage would be enough.

As far as it happens after marriage with ill intent on the wifes side I honestly don't know what to do... Killing would be tempting though (although getting your hands dirty on something lower and dirtier than lifeforms that feed on carcasses and excrements[i.e. "individuals" who betray and defile not only you but your family, your friends and even your god] wouldn't be worth wasting parts of your life withering away in a prison).



It happens, we all have our weak moments. Only the unlucky ones get discovered

Weak moments... It's not like you waste your money on sth expensive or eat sth. that makes you fat.

Of course there are moments when the human is weak, but at that times you have other worries than about reproduction.

Cheating is always intentional, the borders are as clear as the borders of countries and/or landed property.

The closer you walk at the border, the more likely it is to step onto or over it. So to avoid it it's quite easy: don't associate yourselves with too many people of the other sex, especially those who are loose when it comes to relationships (i.e. those not married with "boyfriends/girlfriends").


The easiest way would be total devotion (i.e. having no sexual relationships before marriage) to your life partner even before meeting him/her for the first time (I personally think it's rude to think of someone that he/she's good enough for sex but not for marriage and I'd never even consider someone as my partner if I wouldn't plan to marry her in the first place), but in todays world people don't consider themselves to be worth more than just a few flings[while people in other countries fight hard for their personal right of "dignity", people of the "first world" throw it away as if it was something of no worth, lowering themselselves and thus robbing themselves of parts of their humanity], defiling the words "love" and "fidelity" with their wicked relationships.

In the end, "cheating" in most cases is just a lousy excuse for your own inability to live dignified by considering your own worth and the worth of your partner[ and thus the worth of your bond]:

Who can blame someone else for thinking "you're not worth enough for my fidelity" if they did think the same beforehand and act/acted accordingly?

#810286 What's the last song you listened to?

Posted by Theoderich on 30 July 2013 - 12:41 PM