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Getting "Jan Pierewiet" out my head is downright impossilble. Damn you, Niell Blomkamp! Dit wou ek nie hĂȘ nie, man! Updated 31 Aug · 0 comments

About Me

OK... My handle is long and tough to type. So... let's break it down, eh?


Euodia: "You! Oh, de-ah..." -- It's close enough for government work, is that pronunciation. In reality, Euodia is a real Greek name you can even find in the Bible. Google her: she was somebody who managed to get under Saint Paul's skin, so... that's always a worthwhile memorial, in my book. He was a bit of a grouch. Interesting side note: for years, people thought she was a he. Translation errors will do that.


Chloris: Think "chlorine" and you're almost there... except the I is a shorter one in this case. There are several Chlorises walking through Ancient Greek legends, and it's unclear if all are based on a single historical figure... or several. Whatever the answer, the thing you can find is that the major Chloris is a dryad (with others possibly named after the legend). And, became Flora in Rome. Familiar?


Together, Euodiachloris can be read as "sweetly scented yellow green" if you take Ionic Greek and squint... or "stinks of plants" if you want things a bit more modern. Wooty.


PS: I'm not Greek. I have no Greek roots (that I know of). I'm a Brit that's been a bit of a tumble-weed expat, but has roots back home, now.


PPS: I tend to use emoticons a lot. I'm not trying for passive-aggressive points, but to reflect how I actually talk. I tend to use a lot of gestures, normally. If in doubt, just delete them from posts you quote. (Heck, not using them here is almost giving me twitches.)

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    I'm a troper that reads practically anything that stands still long enough. Also, writes a little, too.

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