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#1770308 So Batoto it an active Yaoi Website now?

Posted by ChanBaek92 on 25 October 2016 - 06:10 AM

I try to upload as much yaoi on this site as I can. You're welcome/.

#1450774 The End seeking freelance staff (translators/editors) for dropped manga + raw...

Posted by ChanBaek92 on 11 January 2015 - 02:13 PM

The End finishes partially scanlated, dropped manga with less than 2 volumes to completion. We have amassed Japanese raws for nearly 200 titles that fit our criteria, so now we're recruiting freelance Japanese translators and experienced editors (cleaners/typesetters) to pick any of them you want to finish. We're also giving out these raws to groups that want to complete any of the titles (no joint required).
We have raws for:
76 BL manga
15 josei manga
27 seinen manga
71 shoujo manga
8 shounen manga
See The List for details of all ~200 titles! Interested in finishing a title? See our Freelance Projects page and FAQ for more details and how to apply. Any questions, feel free to comment here or email at kalendel@gmail.com.

Current freelance projects:

Baby Love [Shiina Ayumi]: Shoujo/romance; 2 chapters remaining;
     Status: translated editor (cleaner/typesetter) needed


Gokujou Danshi to Kurashi Temasu [Kurumatani Haruko]: Shoujo/smut; 150 pgs remaining; HQ raws
     Status: translating;  editor (cleaner/typesetter) needed

Renai Chuudoku [Mikage Tsubaki]: Yaoi/fantasy; 80 pgs remaining; HQ raws
     Status: translatingtypesetter needed

Setsuna Yuki [Mamura Mio]: Shoujo/romance; ~40 pgs remaining; HQ raws
     Status: translating editor (cleaner/typesetter) needed
We urgently need Japanese to English Translators for the following projects as we've acquired editors for them.
Filament [Urushibara Yuki]: Seinen/supernatural; 16 chapters remaining
Fun Fun Koubou [Watanabe Yoshitomo]: Shoujo/fantasy; 80 pages remaining
Hakudatsu no Masquerade [Tsubaki Kawori]: Shoujo/Fantasy/mystery/slashy; Almost 2 volumes remaining
Halcyon Lunch [Samura Hiroaki]: Seinen/Sci-fi/supernatural; Almost 2 volumes remaining
Hana to Ryuu [Kodaka Kazuma]: Yaoi/psychological/mystery; 8 chapters remaining
Hi no Kagutsuchi [Sarahchi Yomi]: Seinen/supernatural; 2 volumes remaining
Hokenshitsu Made Nan M? [Asou Kai]: Yaoi/romance; 3 chapters remaining
Katakoi no Nikki Shoujo [Nakamura Asumiko]: Shoujo/slice of life/drama; 5 chapters remaining
Kiiroi Kaigan [Tono]: Josei/supernatural; ~110 pages remaining
Kutsuzure Sensen - Majo Vasenka no Sensou [Hayami Rasenjin]: Seinen/supernatural/historical; 8 chapters remaining
Majo to Hatsukoi. [Yuzuki Utano]: Shoujo/fantasy; 1 volume remaining
Present [Ikuemi Ryou]: Shoujo; 1 chapter remaining
Sanjuuichiya [Homerun Ken]: Yaoi/historical; ~3 chapters remaining
Shiiku Gakari Rika [Motoni Modoru]: Yaoi/psychological/mystery; 2 chapters remaining
Shirokuro Tsukeru? [Clay-Seagod/Yuki Amino]: Shoujo/adventure/fantasy; ~1 volume remaining
Sousoukyoku Nightmare [Aki arata]: Shoujo/fantasy/supernatural; ~3 chapters remaining
Switch - The Volume on Dragon Fruit [naked ape]: Shoujo/action/mystery/psychological; 5 chapters remaining
Tetsudou Shoujo Manga [Nakamura Asumiko]: Josei/slice of life/shoujo-ai; ~3 volumes remaining

ALSO! Here are some manga we bought the raws for, we are willing to scan these for other groups to finish, but will otherwise prioritize them as much as we can (make sure they wind up on voting blocks, for starters!). Anyway! Spread the word to any group or freelancers you think might want to finish any of these series.
Zig + Zag
Akatsuki no Fumi
Lamento - Beyond the Void
Mirage of Blaze
Fredward-Shi no Ahiru
Luna Lunatic
Magarikado no Bokura
Pen to Chocolate
Nejimaki Mano-san 
Additionally, Bliss disbanded a few years ago but they've left us with various books, raws, cleans, and translations for over a dozen titles! The titles are mainly supernatural or slice-of-life shoujo/josei and BL romance (with like one action seinen thrown in for fun). All the info on adopting and what resources we have can be found here on the Bliss List spreadsheet.
All the information is in the spreadsheet, so check it out, look over the titles up for adoption, and let us know if your group will take any! Adoption will remain open indefinitely.
Thanks! And please spread the word to anyone you think may be interested!
P.S.: We're not "claiming" all these titles, simply willing to finish any of them off should willing freelancers appear. Let's get some more forgotten manga completed!

#1437358 Bliss

Posted by ChanBaek92 on 28 December 2014 - 07:11 PM

Bliss was disbanded a long time ago and they had a no upload policy. But now, admin Kinky has given his permission to distribute their releases. If you want a quote
"They are welcome to distribute them. I had that instated when we were active because I found some distribution places that were removing our credit pages and not giving us credit for our scanlations. Which was also why I started watermarking some of the pages in our release. Now though since we're defunct, I have nothing against people wanting to share our releases."

But because mods here "can't just take my word for it", you can refer this post where Bliss did a finale release the day before via The End scanlations and check the released chapters, they have clearly mentioned in their credits page that bliss releases are free to distribute.

If you are still not satisfied you can email admin Kalendel (kalendel@gmail.com) of The End scanlations to confirm.