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#1625735 Career opportunities at Lezhin Comics

Posted by remmy on 25 July 2015 - 12:34 AM

How do you know that commissioned translators don't pay taxes? Also, do you even need to pay tax for international work contracts? Please enlighten me.

"Hello IRS/tax bureau, I make money violating copyrights."

#1329620 Naver Titles

Posted by remmy on 27 July 2014 - 11:05 AM

A lot of people are complaining that it would be a bother to go to every scanlators website. Well, I wouldn't mind, but which site ?? I don't remember all of them. Can we have a list of all the removed webtoons and their scanlator's website ?

Mangaupdates.com + this script(requires Greasemonkey for Firefox/Tampermonkey for Chrome)


Look for your favorite webtoon in the search.

#1327861 Naver Titles

Posted by remmy on 25 July 2014 - 05:41 AM

is there any chance of ToG coming back in batoto?

I doubt it. TOG was the one of the first to go, since it's one of the few that has up-to-date official translations. Which I'm actually okay with. (Shitty English, but at least it exists.)


But I'm much more upset about the titles that do not have up-to-date translations and extremely upset about about titles that aren't even on webtoons.com.

The icing on the top was the requested removal of ALL languages, which just seems like a big F-U to fans outside of Naver's covered languages.


The fact that Fairytale for the Demon Lord makes me think they pretty much asked for almost any webtoon that had a decent following.


I get the idea behind what Naver's trying to do, but at this point, it's as tasteful as authors suing fan fiction writers. Naver's lucky people have short memories, assuming they don't make any future missteps with the community. (LOL.)

#1327182 Naver Titles

Posted by remmy on 24 July 2014 - 07:18 AM

Why were titles that aren't even available on LINE webtoons removed? I feel pretty upset about that.

(Yes, I get that I can still go to the scanlator's site for releases, at least for now.)


So, is it another year or so till I see those titles officially in English? Ooh! Better yet, it'll start from chapter 1 so I can relive those 2-3 years just so that I can never be caught up to the latest chapter!


Edit: I am not upset at Batoto. You guys did what you had to. And I do get why Naver would do this; I just don't like it.

#1214028 Draft for Comments Section Guidelines - Post your Feedback!

Posted by remmy on 20 April 2014 - 11:20 AM

(Potentially convoluted post up ahead)


Since, people are already using the comments section a certain way, why not change the rules to suit that and encourage more commenting, rather trying to get people to comply?

(As Maffa mentioned in another post, the comments section is one of Batoto's strengths.)


My suggestions:

  • (Addressing Rule #2) Allow spoilers in the comments section without requiring a spoiler tag (maybe put up a warning about spoilers up to the latest translated chapter may occur in the comments section)
  • (Addressing Rule #3) Allow people to go over the post length a certain amount, mod's call (but hopefully a mod running a non-windowed browser on a high resolution screen)


Based on the posts in this thread so far and my own experience, here's how the comments section of a series is currently being used:

  1. Post jokes, memes about the latest chapters (some spoiler-free, some not)
  2. Random reactions and thoughts about the latest chapter, which almost always include spoilers or reference what happens
  3. Sometimes a comment train that ends up being a full blown discussion.
  4. Really long (like a screen full+) responses
  5. Other random chatter 1-4 liners about the manga/author/community/historical setting/etc.


Here's a simulation of all the above incorporated (with images), except #4 & #5, as how I usually see it:



I just cannot see this sort of conversation occurring in a discussion thread or if the spoiler free rule was enforced strickly.


Certain comments, like "Person E" (talking about the shark) and "Person H" (talking about hotness) would not be as well received if moved a discussion thread or if hidden by a spoiler tag (in the form less "likes" in the comments section). 

Using Person H as an example, they could alternatively do this:


Some "user experience" things about the spoiler tag:

A. Force the commenter to type out the spoiler tag and consider appropriate placement. (The commenter also realizes that part of their post is hidden, but their immediate goal is for people to read their post. Excuse me for sounding a little academic, but there's an internal conflict of action versus intent.)

B. Force the reader to click the "show" button to read the comment.

While pretty minor, the spoiler tag ends up being a barrier to both the reader and the poster. In general, the more barriers there are to something, the less people do it. This is why things such as registering for an account and captcha exist.

In situation A, the poster might just say, forget it, and not post. In situation B, the reader might end up not reading that post and moves on to more visible posts. Furthermore, if we make the assumption the reader has already read the latest chapter (I actually assume this of most everyone in the comments section, if the series has a good number of chapters), the spoiler tags are actually a hindrance to them reading comments if they are reading more than a few comments.


The only place I've actually seen "review-like" posts or posts completely devoid of spoilers in the comments section is for one-shots and sometimes, single volume manga.


On the other hand, discussion threads in the forums tend to be used more for:

* Extremely in-depth plot analyzing and theories

* Focused, single topic discussions


There are also certain unspoken rules and etiquette observed in forums:

* No derailing

* Stay on topic

* Only post if you have something meaningful


So the kinds of people who are likely to visit the forums are already somewhat of a different userbase than the "casual" Batoto user and why I don't recommend trying to shift activity into the forums.


Ideally, everyone'd post like the alternative version of Person H, and I'd be okay with that (maybe a little miffed by the constant clicking to view comments), but I'm not sure the comments section would have the same casual "aftergame" feel (assuming users comply rather than forgo).


(I'm sorry if my point is disorganized an not entirely clear.)

#1120380 Fisheye Placebo - Naming Convention Needs Change

Posted by remmy on 17 February 2014 - 10:38 PM



With the release of a new chapter, it seems that previously used naming convention needs to be changed. I managed to change it for the chapters I've uploaded, but for the previous chapters, the following changes needs to be made:


Ch 0 --> No chapter number? Is this possible?

Ch 1 & Ch 2 --> Ch 0


Is there any way I can just be put in charge of maintaining the previous chapters as well?



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#1035535 Link back to manga page from the forums

Posted by remmy on 03 January 2014 - 08:52 AM

I'd be nice to have a link to the main manga page from the specific manga forum. Often times, I read a couple of chapters of the manga, then go to check out some posts about it. Once I'm done and I want to continue reading the manga, there's no link back to that manga's page from its discussion forum. I would have to type it in the search, which gets kinda tedious sometimes.


(Not sure if I'm even being coherent.)