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About Me

Hi there! I'm Maya, a second year in university. I'm an avid shoujo fan, with a not-too secret preference for dark haired guys (mostly tsunderes) Here are some personal manga recommendations:
Fruits Basket: Completed shoujo. Plucky orphan becomes involved with a family cursed by the Chinese zodiac. Reeally sweet, the art becomes better as it progresses, everyone is adorable. Not really recommending the anime, it’s DEEN and too short to cover anything past the first 5/6 volumes.
Hajimari no Niina: Completed shoujo. A 10-year-old girl is the reincarnation of a dead high school student, her neighbour used to be the dead girl’s crush and now she has to deal with it too. Extremely vanilla, really pretty art, you’ll mostly end up crying.
Aria: Completed seinen. Daily life in Neo Venezia, a futuristic version of Venezia in Mars, who’s now a planet full of water. Pretty girls, pretty landscapes, lessons of life in almost every chapter. Both the anime and the manga are great: anime has relaxing OST, manga has amazing art.
Yotsuba&!: Ongoing slice of life. Daily adventures of a 5-year-old girl. Very simple premises that make for very funny chapters. Landscapes are amazing too.
Taiyou no Ie: Completed shoujo. A girl meets up with an old childhood friend and moves with him due to family circumstances. Everyone is broken, everything ends up being fine. Mao is one of the best shoujo heroines out there.
Nodame Cantabile: Completed josei. The ups and downs of the relationship between a harsh, kinda tsundere wanna-be conductor and his reeeeally airheaded yet adorable pianist girlfriend. Lots of music, not so much romance, but their relationship is perfect. Ending is a bit eh, but everything else is good. Haven’t watched the anime yet.
Cat Street: Completed shoujo. A hikikomori former child actress is convinced to join a high school full of other “outcast” students like herself. Really inspiring, most of it is more friendship than romance.
Kuragehime: Ongoing josei. A NEET who wants to be an illustrator meets a beautiful boy in a dress. There’s a love triangle, but it’s not too annoying. Pretty clothes. Anime is good, but too short, I’d suggest watching the anime then going with the manga.
Horimiya: Ongoing shounen. Romance between popular girl and seemingly timid boy. Both of them have embarassing secrets that only share with each other. Really good timed romance, pretty art and the secondary characters are great.
Chihayafuru: Ongoing josei. High school student starts a karuta club, an old Japanese card game she became hooked on when she was little. It’s REALLY GOOD, has everything exciting about a sports manga but with a female protagonist and stunning art. Scanlations stopped at volume 8 then restarted at 19 or such, but the anime covers everything with the add-on of beautiful soundtrack.
Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai: Ongoing josei. 29-year-old NEET finds herself working for her former boss whom she despises, but turns out to be a nice guy after all. Romcom ensues. Same author as the famous Lovely Complex, if you liked it then you’ll like this one.
Haikyuu!!: Ongoing shounen. High school kids playing volleyball. I’m usually not a fan of sports (in general), but… this one drags you in. Not only the sport, but the characters are charming enough on their own.
Akuma to Love Song: Completed shoujo. Harsh high school student gets kicked out of a top class school and gets enrolled into a new one, much more average. Her personality gets her in trouble with everyone. Maria, the heroine, steals the show. Not really like how it handles some stuff in later volumes, but I find it an enjoyable read.
Nanoka no Kare: Ongoing shoujo. Love triangle between the innocent but not too much dumb heroine, her new found crush and her former boyfriend, who doesn't feel like forgetting her. Actually well balanced, their troubles feel typical shoujo style but still believable enough. Art is extremely gorgeous. EDIT: Okay, it drags a bit and starts being a bit painful on the second half. Let's see how this ends.
Houkago x Ponytail: Completed shoujo. Sweet and short romance between a HS girl and a mangaka she meets by chance. Fluff and pretty art: enough said.

Mademoiselle Butterfly: Completed shoujo. It's the 1930s in Japan: a poor girl sold to become a geisha falls in love with her neighbour, an older tattoo artist. There's drama, there's comedy, art is a bit dated but good enough. Only two volumes, so no reason to not give it a read.

14-sai no Koi: Ongoing josei. Depicts the sweet relationship between two 14-yo who are considered as mature between their classmates and can only be childish with each other. It balances itself out containing two other relationships, and the three of them are very good.

Haru matsu Bokura: Ongoing shoujo. Shy HS freshman meets four handsome boys in the basketball team. However, she soon falls for only one of them. Shoujo ensues. Art is eyecandy, sadly scans are SLOW AS FUCK.

Asagao to Kase-san: Ongoing yuri. The painfully sweet relationship between the shy Yamada and the boyish Kase-san. Very cute art, extremely good vanilla, good yuri overall.

Love so Life: Completed shoujo (still ongoing scanlations) Extremely positive orphan HS girl becomes the babysitter for two orphan twins who are now under their uncle's care, a handsome and kind news announcer. Really good, vanilla everywhere, you'll end up with diabetes thanks to the twins.

Karakuri Odette: A robot who looks like a teenage girl decides to start going to high school to learn more about humans. Some insight on life and love, mostly just cute stuff involving Odette, the heroine, who is as sweet as pie.

Emma: Completed seinen. The beautiful story of the romance between a maid and a middle-upper class young man in the Victorian era. IT'S JUST SO GOOD. Also, it helps that period romance it's my ultimate weakness.

Hapi Mari: Completed josei. An average office clerk gets engaged to her company's boss. Yeah, it sounds average, but actually their relationship is well paced and she isn't as dumb as most smut josei heroines. Good for a light and sexy read.


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