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Norway Scan

GroupID: #14332 Created at 2018-01-23 By
Norway Scan, interchangeable with "Norway Scans", is a scanlation group run by anonymous preferred (ap) and Volandum.

Any opinion by Norway Scan members, including ap, does not represent the group. Each member is responsible for their opinions or actions.

We do NOT accept any donation. If you want to donate, please do it to our joint groups.

anonymous preferred does NOT take any translation request or scanlation offer unless it concerns a project he's been working on. A thank-you letter with such a request, in particular, will be frowned upon. Don't even bother.

Should you want to use ap's translation or scanlation for any language, feel free to do so "without" bothering asking for his approval. No credit required either. (it is recommended that you contact ap via Norwayscan at; he might be able to share PSDs or cleans with you.)

Freelancers whom Norway Scan is currently working with:
Black Sword, BondEternal, FD2Raptor, Gecko, GodricKharg, himesaminako, Holy_Ca, HTML5, K-man, Kaillus, Kousora, L412D0W, Lemmieh, LoliHunterXD, MarketingReasons, Recongriffin, Sealophile, Spam Sucks, Tactless, Teras, Zekaito and Zujids

Groups that Norway Scan has been jointing with, formerly or currently:
Afrodhi, C2, Café con Lenin, Ciel Scans, Death Toll Scanlations, Devil Slayer Team, DKThias, Dragon and Griffin Scans, Duralumin, Forgotten Scans, Itadakimasu-Scanlator, Lemon Scans, Loli Brigade Scans, Lovely Scans Italia, MangaIchi Scanlation Division, NEWAVE (formerly, New Wave Scanlations), NFP Scans, One Time Scans, Oyasumi Translations, Pocket Loli Scans, Renzokusei Scans, Riceballicious, S2Scans, Sacred Blade Scans, simhauu, The AG Team and Village Idiot Scanlations.

Honorable mentions go to ex-workmates: Alad, andreaphobia, An Editor, Aoiha, Arihou, bdchee, blindbox, bluesky, cafecito, Cesc, Clueless, couchk, Derek, dikbut, Fenrill, GlassSkinned, H_Dogma, harshrox3, HimeMiya, iluminado, InfiniteVerisimilitude, Kallamez, khenny123, KnifeBuster, kobester11, LibraryTroll, Lvxi, Maglad, marthaurion, MaxLemon, monokuma, Nightshade_q8, n33t, nuggles, PervySageChuck, phaez, Purr-nyan, ranix, Silentdt, Sootopolis, SoSul, stokken, svines85, Tomlobeznokashima, Tryggve, ttahiii, and Vreiya.

ap's blacklist: al245, Cake-kun, Silentdt, and simhauu

p.s. Please look up any recruitment notice from the link below:

If you can not find the files in the normal link above please look here.


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