Name: TSP
Website: http://tsundere.services
Irc channel:
Irc server:
Description: TSP - short for Tsundere Service Providers. Also teaspoon.

Since, Batoto is going up in smoke soon, below is our plan for going forward:
◎ We'll continue to upload chapters to XDCC and DL as usual.
◎ No, we will not create a TSP online reader. Ever.
◎ To facilitate ease of access until a replacement is created, we will be posting chapter releases on Reddit and Discord.
◎ We have also created a Twitter and a Facebook page which you can follow.
◎ Likely, we'll keep all of this in place except Reddit posts indefinitely.
◎ Once a Batoto replacement is created, we'll upload all of our past releases to it and use as our reader.

Discord: https://discord.gg/KNsjpvE
Email: [email protected]
IRC: #[email protected]