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Laughing in Quarantine

GroupID: #17975 Created at 2020-06-04 By binuxi 2849 member views, 26633 guest views
We're a small team that started with one person who got quarantined, then got out of quarantine and back to to quarantine mode again for various reasons. Mainly dedicated to translate Rengoku ni Warau as our main flagship.

Join the team and join our discord!
>JP translators (OPEN)
>Cleaners and Redrawers (OPEN)
>Typesetters (OPEN)
>Proofreaders (OPEN)

If the position is "CLOSED" but you have prior experience, you may apply!

Website: https://mangadex.org/group/12155/laughing-in-quarantine

#Discord: x6AuGp7

@Email: laughinginquarantine@gmail.com

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