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Abandoned Henty

GroupID: #18075 Created at 2020-09-20 By Evasdian
Hello everyone~! Abandoned Henty is a small scanlation group with the intentions to scanlate Henties that haven't been scanlated for quite a while, and we're recruiting Staffs of the following positions:

1. Japanese Translator, SUPER URGENT
2. Proofreader, Semi-Urgent
3. Cleaner, Semi-Urgent
4. Redrawers, SUPER URGENT
5. Typesetters, SUPER URGENT
6. Quality checkers, URGENT

Requirements are very simple (Except for TL, You must be experienced with the language itself), have basics knowledge on the position you wanted and must be comfortable with doing NSFW works.

We're also looking for members

If interested, join here:

#Discord: https://discord.gg/Rfr2Q2s

@Email: [email protected]

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