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GroupID: #18514 Created at 2021-03-03 By YueShang
안녕하세요!! We're a newly established scanlation group as of January the 30th 2021~

Our current projects are:
- Midnight City
- Juan Muqi
- Push and Pull
- Murim's Possession
- Shuffle
- Even If You Don't Love Me
- 2Gether the Series

We are actively recruiting for new talents to join us (we got cookiesssss) <3
- Fluent Korean Translators (NSFW) (HIGH PRIORITY)
- Typesetters (NSFW) (HIGH PRIORITY)
- Quality Checkers

Please join our discord for general merriment as well!!

Thank kyuuuuu alllllll~

Sweet Hugs,
Yurielle, the scanlation leader~

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