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UnderDogs Scan

GroupID: #18834 Created at 2021-04-24 By Borara
Hey everyone!

UnderDogs Scans is a new chill scans group that focuses mainly on manhuas of about any genres.
Our goal here is to bring good quality scans for everyone to enjoy.
We're looking to reach further places and hope for you to help us!


Our Ongoing Projects:

In Our Sect, I'm The Only One That's Trash
Armored Collossus
The Female Teacher Who Fights Back
I Seem to Have Slipped By Today
Human Use
The Incapable Married Princess
Mountains and Seas
Lily With 2 Colours
Confused Madness
Daily France
Dark Fragrance (COLLAB)
Masked Night (COLLAB)
His Type Isnt Too Good
Love Today
Its Feels Too Wrong To Bite People
The Villainess Refuses To Court The Male Lead
Game Nou Couple
Akuma No Memumemu Chan
The Magical Contractor Turned Into A Hunter (COLLAB)

Even if you're just joining as a reader or as a future staff, we will welcome you with open arms :>
Discord: https://discord.gg/rpFd23jy6P

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