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I'm a new translator who translates for fun!


-Serious Villainess!
-The Loyal Knight Killed Me. After Changing to a Yandere, He Is Still Fixated on Me
-The Villainess is Oblivious to the Prince's True Doting Nature
-The Villainess is Changing her Role to a Brocon


-Confusion of the Second Empress of Sacrifice/The Puzzle of the Sacrificial Second Princess
-The Rotten Lady Rosa Wants to Watch Over Love from the Shadows

I update mostly on weekends or on times that I have free time-
Equipped with my 5% knowledge of Japanese and 95%Mtl-
Make sure to point out any mistakes in the comments—don't be shy~
If anyone wants to translate the series's I'm working on, contact me first.

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