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BAP Scans

Name: BAP Scans
Website: http://bapscans.com/
Description: Best Absolute Perfect!
Recruiting JTL, KTL, and Typesetter, mainly!
E-mail: bapscans@gmail.com

Allowed Members:

Comics by Group

A Diary of Troublesome Adventures A Diary of Troublesome Adventures
YOO Ha jin/YOO Ha jin
Black Haze Black Haze
Yong Yong/Yong Yong
Cherry Tomato Cherry Tomato
Doll Doll
Force Field Girl Force Field Girl
Kim Tae Kyung/Kim Tae Kyung
Gakuen Ouji Gakuen Ouji
Yuzuki Jun/Yuzuki Jun
Golden Waltz Golden Waltz
Sera (세라)/Sera (세라)
Happy Loof Releases 2014 Happy Loof Releases 2014
Scanlation Community/Scanlation Community
Hotel S.L. Hotel S.L.
Sakurai Shiori/Sakurai Shiori
Idea no Hana Idea no Hana
Inugamihime no Shimobe Inugamihime no Shimobe
Koutetsu no Hanappashira Koutetsu no Hanappashira
Like a Butterfly Like a Butterfly
Live or Not Live or Not
Nero's Laboratory Nero's Laboratory
Ouji ka Prince Ouji ka Prince
Phantasy Horizon Phantasy Horizon
Runway no Koibito Runway no Koibito
Shinigami x Doctor Shinigami x Doctor
Karakara Kemuri/Karakara Kemuri
Strange and Beautiful Strange and Beautiful
Honey Bee/Honey Bee
The Flow The Flow
Honey Bee/Honey Bee
The Gamer The Gamer
Sung Sang-Young/Sang-Ah
The Language of God The Language of God
Rae Hyuk Jang/Rae Hyuk Jang
The Wrong Room The Wrong Room
Tsuki no Shizumu made Tsuki no Shizumu made
Miyagi Tooko/Miyagi Tooko
Ultimate Legend - Kang Hae Hyo Ultimate Legend - Kang Hae Hyo
Choi Byung Yeol/Choi Byung Yeol
Wenchuan Earthquake Wenchuan Earthquake
Wang Leyang/Wang Leyang
What's There To Know What's There To Know
Kim Jae Han/Kim Jae Han
You Are My Everything You Are My Everything

Latest Updates

  Title Group Date
The Language of God Ch.39: Fridge (1)
BAP Scans A week ago
Golden Waltz Ch.04 Read Online
BAP Scans A week ago
Golden Waltz Ch.03 Read Online
BAP Scans 2 weeks ago
Cherry Tomato Ch.12: Your face is difficult.
BAP Scans & Raw Crossing A week ago
Cherry Tomato Ch.11: Screw Romance!
BAP Scans & Raw Crossing A week ago
Doll Ch.16: Motherly Love
BAP Scans 3 weeks ago
Doll Ch.16: Motherly Love
BAP Scans 3 weeks ago
Like a Butterfly Ch.19 Read Online
Appreciation Scans & BAP Scans 4 weeks ago

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Please, I beg of you, ask first before you start taking our projects. We are slow due to lack of proofreaders and typesetters. And since I'm the only quality checker, the workload is heavy. So please, I beg of you, do not steal or take our project without permission. I rather have a good relationship with groups than having someone impatient enough to not wait. We do not get paid for doing this, this is only volunteer. So please, be patient.


Another information, I was recently appointed as the new owner of BAP Scans, so I've been given even more assignments than I originally have. So, while I'm trying to get my sh-- together in real life, I got to be able to handle things throughout my personal and business life.


  • Strange and beautiful has officially been dropped. I talked to the owner of ktranslate and I gave up. Because of the lack of communication of whether or not we're still working on it.
  • Chasing the Sun has been taken over and we will be releasing them from chapter 1 because we have permission from the original group to do so.
  • The rest of the projects is just waiting on translations which I've asked my translators to see if they could help out.



Welcome back, BAP Scans. Now we know that you are not a zombie anymore... xd


I really loved the old site... byesad


Long Live the BAP Scans!!! clap

To answer some of the questions:
We will be continuing The Gamer, The Flow, Black Haze, Ultimate Legend, and maybe more as ONeoRa.

Thanks for all the scans, BAP

We'll miss you :[

Stop throwing a hissy fit release the Gamer or just drop it.

They were disbanding, shut yer trap. BAP, thank you for all your hard work. I hope you'll find yourself a new home at ONeoRa.

RIP BAP, thanks for all your scans.

for alll BAPy staffs, keep your own pace. Don't worry about us. We lecher will suck you all for rest of your life anyway, so keep calm


Stop throwing a hissy fit release the Gamer or just drop it.

Thanks for all the great releases!! They are always wonderful!!


Question though: Are you going to translate to new Black Haze prologue? It was slightly changed and I was curious. 


Thanks again! <3 

You are awesome! Thank you for all your translations (The gamer especially!)


Keep up the great work :D

I didn't lealize how many of my favorite readings are done by you! You're doing a great job and it's always worth the wait as the end product always shows the effort you put in the translations. Hopefully the ungrateful behaivor of some few won't stop you from doing your best. Maintain that level of work it's highly appreciated!

BAP Scans U guys r doing great job, please release "The Gamer" as soon as possible Thanks for your hard work Guys.

Thank you BAP Scans, your updates are amazing and you're all doing a great job! 

Hello!!!! BAP Scans u guys doing an awesome work.

I like Black Haze, The Gamer, Ultimate legend of Kang Hae Hyo and Flow.

Thank you Very Much. Can u Please Translate Black Haze as soon as possible Thanks.

thanks for yours great job.

Great work especially for The Gamer, Ultimate Legend and Black Haze. 

Muchas gracias por traducir todos esos mangas y manhwas. En especial The Gamer.

Thanks BAP Scans for the awesome scans and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks BAP scans, happy thanksgiving too.

thnx for the release but what happened to the website?


thnx for the release but what happened to the website?

Great releases as always, ty!

I really appreciate what you do for online readers. I love Black Haze and The Gamer. Thanks for all your hard work <3 :D

[asskissingmode] thanks a lot for the gamer and black haze, those 2 are quickly becoming my favorite reads, and im enjoying ultimate legend kang hae hyo.[/asskissingmode]

Thank you very much for The Gamer releases! Currently one of my favourites! Take all my thanks! Take it!

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