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#EverydayHeroes Scans

Name: #EverydayHeroes Scans
Website: https://ehscans.wordpress.com/
Description: We only do g̶o̶o̶d̶ cooking manga.
Your waifu is an awful chef.
Delay: 0

Comics by Group

A Spring Evening in the Forest of Mystery A Spring Evening in the Forest of Mystery
Watanabe Sayo/Watanabe Sayo
Arasa Quest Arasa Quest
Daidai wa, Hantoumei ni Nidone Suru Daidai wa, Hantoumei ni Nidone Suru
ABE Youichi/ABE Youichi
Dungeon Meshi Dungeon Meshi
KUI Ryoko/KUI Ryoko
Golden Kamuy Golden Kamuy
NODA Satoru/NODA Satoru
Hakumei to Mikochi Hakumei to Mikochi
Has the rain stopped? Has the rain stopped?
Yamamoto Kazune/Yamamoto Kazune
Kuutei Dragons Kuutei Dragons
Kuwabara Taku/Kuwabara Taku
My First Planet My First Planet

Latest Updates

  Title Group Date
Has the rain stopped? Ch.0 Read Online
#EverydayHeroes Scans A day ago
Hakumei to Mikochi Vol.5 Ch.33: Urban Lifestyle
#EverydayHeroes Scans A day ago
Hakumei to Mikochi Vol.5 Ch.32: Abandoned House and Weeds
#EverydayHeroes Scans 2 days ago
Golden Kamuy Ch.108: The Great Wetlands
#EverydayHeroes Scans A day ago
Golden Kamuy Ch.107: Sleep
#EverydayHeroes Scans A week ago

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Thanks for uploading Dungeon Meshi. I'm really enjoying the series and your scanlations are great. Chapter 34 seems to missing from batoto though.

Thanks guys for Golden Kamui!!!

Thank you very much for introducing Kuutei Dragons and Kuwabara Taku stuff to me.

Whenever I read "Lord" instead of "-tono" or "-sama" or whatever the heck it is. Whenever I read "Drizzle..Drizzle" instead of "Zawaaa Zawaa". Whenever I read "Mr." or "Doctor" or "Sir" or any other suitable replacement instead of "Sensei", I can feel a warm tears running down my cheek as I cried in both joy and celebration for the rarest thing ever happen in the scanlation world nowadays.


I love you guys. I really do. And thank you for making us hungrier in each passing weeks with your releases.

Thank you for the great releases, my heroes.

All the manga that you do has cooking. And they're amazing.

Way better than Shokugeki no Souma and other similar shitty shounens

Dunno how you guys manage regular updates of damn good manga in top tier quality, but please keep on doing what you do. It's been a blast to read Golden Kamui this week.

Golden Kamui got 1st place and Dungeon Meshi got 2nd in 9th edition of Manga Taisho! Such wow! 

Seriously. Wow.


Impeccable scanlations for an impeccable selection of titles. Dungeon Meshi and Kamuy making it to the 9th Manga Taisho Awards is an affirmation of just how well you guys know the good shit when you see it. And not only do the two of you treat your projects with great respect and skill; you're even extremely considerate of your readers' and scanlating peers' feedback, as you've demonstrated with the revisions and corrections to Dungeon Meshi V2.


You, friends, are heroes indeed.

xD nice selection of cooking manga you got there, from monster meat to squirrel brains! Keep up my heroes!

Thank you for the great scanlating, I love all your series and read them as soon as they are up!

I luv you guys! I wanna see the passion burning!

Some of the most impressive scanlation efforts I've seen in a while. I can almost taste the passion you folks have been putting in.

your mom is my waifu

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