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Kami Translation

Name: Kami Translation
Website: https://kamitranslation.wordpress.com/
Description: From the Staff of SaintScans
Delay: 0

Comics by Group

Cheerful Amnesia Cheerful Amnesia
Oku Tamamushi/Oku Tamamushi
Fate/hollow ataraxia Fate/hollow ataraxia
Gan-Kon Gan-Kon
Non Non Biyori Non Non Biyori
Servant X Service Servant X Service

Latest Updates

  Title Group Date
Kemono Friends - Reliable Jaguar-san!! (doujinshi) Vol.1 Ch.1: Jaguar-san never leaves a Friend in trouble!!
Kami Translation 3 days ago
Cheerful Amnesia Vol.1 Ch.9: Read Online
Kami Translation A week ago

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great job guys:) keep it up

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