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Name: Nondescriptors
Website: https://nondescriptors.wordpress.com/
Description: Lone /a/non translating random stuff.
Delay: None

Comics by Group

Aiura Aiura
Chama Uji/Chama Uji
Cromartie High School Cromartie High School
Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou
Doujin Work Doujin Work
Fate/tiger colosseum UPPER Fate/tiger colosseum UPPER
ISHIDA Akira & Type-Moon/ISHIDA Akira
Melty Blood X Melty Blood X
French Bread, Type-Moon/KIRISHIMA Takeru, Type-Moon
Nemurubaka Nemurubaka
Rotte no Omocha! Rotte no Omocha!
Those Who Chase the Ageha Those Who Chase the Ageha
Touhou - An Overly Sumptuous Serving of Mori Soba (Doujinshi) Touhou - An Overly Sumptuous Serving of Mori Soba (Doujinshi)
Winter Scenery & Kannazuki Hato/Winter Scenery & Kannazuki Hato
Touhou - Beloved Noukarin (Doujinshi) Touhou - Beloved Noukarin (Doujinshi)
Vitamin Rice (Circle) & Hasegawa Keita/Vitamin Rice (Circle) & Hasegawa Keita
Touhou - The World is Mine (Doujinshi) Touhou - The World is Mine (Doujinshi)
Angeltype (Circle) & Nekovi & Kirio Neji & Tukimiya Toki & Aomori Ringo/Angeltype (Circle) & Nekovi & Kirio Neji & Tukimiya Toki & Aomori Ringo
Type-Moon - T-Moon Complex X (Doujinshi) Type-Moon - T-Moon Complex X (Doujinshi)
Crazy Clover Club (Circle) & Shirotsumekusa/Crazy Clover Club (Circle) & Shirotsumekusa
Wa! Wa!
Working!! Working!!
Takatsu Karino/Takatsu Karino
Zai x 10 Zai x 10

Latest Updates

  Title Group Date
Working!! Vol.13 Ch.235 Read Online
Nondescriptors A week ago
Working!! Vol.13 Ch.234 Read Online
Nondescriptors 2 weeks ago
Working!! Vol.13 Ch.233 Read Online
Nondescriptors 4 weeks ago

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thank you for working on aiura translations

Nah, I won't be re-doing them. They aren't Hadena tier, so I'm not going to bother.

Thanks for your work on Working! thus far. One of life's little pleasures.

A pity that ChiPsiUp did such a rush job on the chapters they put up. (Pity they put them up at all...) They admit that they need to be totally redone, but I would disagree - only the headings and background chatter need translating. Visually they look acceptable. I imagine the trouble for Nondescriptors is you probably have to start from scratch with these chapters anyway.

What will you do (after a well deserved break in the New Year)? Redo these chapters or leapfrog to the next virgin ones?

Once again, Thanks. Looking forward to more.

Thanks for picking up - working!

thx for updating working!! manga  :)

thanks for all the mangoes

Many thanks for the end of Doujin Work! It was on the really awkward zone where there wasn't either scanlation or official translation of the very end of the manga! It kept us hanging for years for measly two chapters! And it's over now thanks to you!

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