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Name: TKTranslate
Website: http://tktranslate.blogspot.com/
Description: We doesnt afraid of anything!
Delay: None

Comics by Group

Amagami - Precious Diary Amagami - Precious Diary
Amagami - Precious Diary: Kaoru Amagami - Precious Diary: Kaoru
Discommunication Discommunication
Ueshiba Riichi/Ueshiba Riichi
Mysterious Girlfriend X Mysterious Girlfriend X
Ueshiba Riichi/Ueshiba Riichi
Otogi no Machi no Rena Otogi no Machi no Rena
Hattori Mitsuru/Hattori Mitsuru

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I'd just like you folks to know that I love the job you do with MGX.  It's a manga I started reading when the first chapters were translated/scanlated.  I wish I could help, but I'm a monolingual idiot who loves Japanese culture (and a lot of different manga, obviously).  I type fast, but I'm not really good with computer applications (cleaning, scanning, and that sort of thing).  The only quality I possess (besides gratitude for you people bringing me great reading) is a pretty decent ability with English grammar.  If I can be of help with this, please shoot me a batoto message (I know how to reply to them [the instructions are in the message that comes to me], but I'm not good with programs I'm unfamiliar with).  Sorry for the digital illiteracy, but the last time I really understood computers was at DOS 3.3!  Again, thanks for letting us read a great manga.

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