How to import your Old-Batoto( follows into New-Batoto( favorites system

Step 1:

Make sure you have logged in to both and
The Old-batoto(now vatoto) account can't be used in the New-Batoto anymore.
You have to sign up a new account at the New-Batoto if you don't have one yet.
Log in to here.
Log in to here.

Step 2:

Go to your "My Follows" page on vatoto.
On the right side you'll see "export" and under it you'll see "Simple/HTML", "Raw Text", "CSV (full)", and "JSON (full)".
All the JSON/CSV/TEXT/HTML formats are supported for importing, but the JSON (full) is much recommend.
Now we take only the json format as an example. The rest should be the same.
Click on "JSON (full)". A file should download called batoto_export.json.

Step 3:

Go to
Click the "Browse" button and select the file your have downloaded in step 2. Then the text box below should be filled with the contents from the file automatically.
Or, you can alse open the file in notepad and copy everything and paste it in the text box manually.

Step 4:

Click Submit button.
Your data will be processed in 1-2 minutes usually

Thanks to AniGirl