Rank: 17441st, it has 170 monthly / 13.8K total views.
Authors: Igari peko
Artists: Igari peko
Genres: Romance , School Life , Shounen ai
Translated language: English
Year of Release: 2021
Miyanari is a straightlaced model student who one day suddenly started being able to see a red string connecting him to Hashiba, a delinquent in his class. "There's no way such a person would be my fated person!". Even as he repeats this to himself, it's as if the red string is playing tricks on him as he finds himself in various situations with Hashiba like getting treated by Hashiba when he got injured and getting stuck in a space alone with Hashiba, among others. As Miyanari spends more time with Hashiba, he begins to find out about Hashiba's gentle side that's different from his appearance...
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