Fox on a Rainy Day / 여우비 내리는 날에
Rank: 10406th, it has 381 monthly / 23.1K total views.
Authors: Woo si-mok
Artists: Lee ha-an
Genres: Manhwa , Shoujo(G) , Drama , Fantasy , Romance , School Life , Supernatural
Original language: Korean
Translated language: English
Original work: Completed
Upload status: Completed
Year of Release: 2021
Year of Complete: 2022
Yoon Seul appeared in Sae-byeok’s life for a brief moment, then disappeared like a fleeting sunshower. But mysterious circumstances have brought her back to the human world and into Sae-byeok’s life once more. She needs to reclaim what was once hers. And in order to get it, Yoon Seul needs something from Sae-byeok that’s more important now than ever: his love.
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Chapter 43 : Scar
BlueEyesKitty 368 + 3.3K 606 days ago
Chapter 30 : You
BlueEyesKitty 464 + 3.7K 652 days ago
Chapter 2 : Defect
BlueEyesKitty 1.2K + 8.1K 702 days ago