Rank: 18501st, it has 12 monthly / 7952 total views.
Authors: Alessio guni
Genres: Japanese , Shounen , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Romance , Supernatural
Release status: Ongoing
It is said that being a “Royal Blood” carrier is a curse that sets you up for conflict.
Some see it as an opportunity to change the World around them to fit their ideals.
Others use it to protect those they love.
Some may even wish to hide their nature altogether.
One thing is for sure: these carriers will always wind up in extraordinary situations, the results, however, are purely up to the heart of the individual.

The Royal Blood is a supernatural mutation of one’s blood that is somehow able to grant its carrier, referred to as a “Bleeder”, a power that is unique to them, called a “Royal”.
The carriers are so since birth but their powers may initially manifest in varying points of their lives. 

Crimson Ribbon is an amateur manga that tells the tale of members of the Bulsara bloodline, one of the many possessing this unexplained power, and the countless scenarios that end up playing key roles in the developments of their lives.

Smoke Rain is set in Italy in the early 1500’s, during the Renaissance era: an era that some may even say plays a key role in the cultural development of humanity as a whole thanks to figures such as Leonardo Da Vinci.

The time period, however, hides a dark side of conflict as a French faction called “Genimura”  covets to take control of Italy and, subsequently, Europe through force and manipulation in order to instate an environment where Royal Blood carriers are made to rule on the basis of being “above humanity”, while non-carriers are to lead a life of servitude. 
They are led by a noble, one Joanne, who is otherwise referred to as “Crimson”, hellbent on the realization of her ideals.

To oppose her another group is born: “Fumosaki”, who believe that Bleeders are more than just “weapons” and that their powers make them no less human.
One of its key members is Sov Bulsara, father of the very young Nicko and Rosso, who after a five years long absence returns home, to his brother Mario’s disbelief.

Though a troubled reunion, the brothers agree to aid each other in the realizations of their goals.

However, the conflict with Genimura proves much too difficult and the effects are felt all the way to 15 years later, having a decisive impact on Rosso, Nicko and their friend Mia and cutting off their hopes to lead a comfortable life as their blood forces them to take action.

With their fates on the line, Smoke Rain follows them on their journey of growth, accompanied by other characters, as they go through multiple events that might not only be important to their own stories but to the conflict between Genimura and Fumosaki as a whole.  

A series inspired by shounens of the past, Crimson Ribbon hopes to pay homage while also entertaining its readers.