Contains Adult , Hentai genres, is considered NSFW.
I Came To Another World, So I Think I'm Gonna Enjoy My Sex Skills To The Fullest!
Rank: 16025th, it has 194 monthly / 6K total views.
Authors: Akino sora
Genres: Doujinshi , Manga , Seinen(M) , Adult , Ecchi , Hentai , Adventure , Demons , Fantasy , Fetish , Harem , Isekai , Magic , Monster Girls , Parody
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Tatsuo is a skilled masturbator who suddenly dies from masturbating too much. After dying, his soul was transferred to an isekai. An isekai goddess grant him a wish, then Tatsuo told him that he wanted a super cock that could make all women sigh with pleasure and make all women unable to live without it. He wants to make a harem with women who are already addicted to his super cock.
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