-di[e]ce- / di(e)ce / di[e]ce ~Dice~ / di[e]ce-ダイス- / diece
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Genres: Manga / Josei / Action / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Psychological / School life / Supernatural
Status: Completed
Di[e]ce revolves around two best friends with the same face and the same birthday; Kazuki Naruse, a gamer, and Haruki Koutake, the student council president of their high school, Seitohkoh Academy. On their 16th birthday is when everything began with a broken heater system and mysterious music playing over the intercom, causing almost all of the students to go berserk-- those who weren't affected were Players. The survival game called Di[e]ce placed the two friends as Kings of two separate teams of other Players, and one must kill the other to end the game and with it, the bloodshed each round provides.

Chapters (44)

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