An Adorable Person / かわいいひと / Sevimli Biri
Rank: 304th, it has 2068 monthly / 58432 total views.
Authors: Saitou ken / Saitou ken
Genres: Manga / Shoujo / Comedy / Drama / Romance / Slice of life
Direction: Right to Left
Status: Ongoing
Hanazono is a 27-year old young man who runs a flower shop. Unfortunately, he's not pretty or beautiful like the flowers at all! Everyone is afraid of Hanazono because of his eyes. But the truth is, he's actually a really nice person. His miserable life all changes when he meets Suzuki Hiyori, a beautiful young college student. She wants to be his girlfriend! Wait, what? Follow the tale of this adorable couple in Kawaii Hito!

Chapters (28)

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