Boku wa Taisetsuna / 願い叶えたまえ / Grant My Wish / My Precious One
Rank: 36543rd, it has 1 monthly / 1382 total views.
Authors: Nishida higashi
Genres: Yaoi , Action , Drama , Psychological
Release status: Ongoing
Kinukawa Yuusuke is a second-class pianist who earns a living by playing in small clubs. Things become complicated when Fukami, a yakuza boss with mesmerizing looks, becomes a regular at Yuusuke's piano bar. As Fukami's appreciation for Yuusuke's piano playing grows, so do Yuusuke's feelings for him. Although Yuusuke knows he shouldn't be attracted to such a dangerous man, he finds himself unable to stop thinking about Fukami. And so, one night in a desperate attempt to get Fukami's attention on something other than music, Yuusuke spills a drink on him...<br /><br />Is love understanding someone even when he doesn't understand himself? Sometimes the music of the soul is sweeter than any instrument in Nishida Higashi's story of two very unlikely men.<br /><br />Also features a story called Boku wa Taisetsuna (My Precious One) in volume 2.<br /><br />Sequel:<br /> <br />> Seishun no Yamai wa<br />(