FuriFura / 사랑하고, 사랑받고, 차고, 차여라 / Love, Be Loved, Leave, Be Left / Miracles of Love - Nimm dein Schicksal in die Hand / 恋途未卜 / 思い、思われ、ふり、ふられ / حُب، كن محبوبًا، أُهجر، كن مهجورًا
Rank: 38912th, it has 3 monthly / 44832 total views.
Authors: Sakisaka io
Genres: Shoujo , Comedy , Drama , Romance , School Life
Release status: Ongoing
The story centers around Yuna and Akari who have two very different views of love: Yuna is someone who sees love as a dream and Akari is someone who is very realistic about her romance choices. Meanwhile, there are two boys, Kazuomi and Rio, who also have different views of love: Kazuomi’s an airhead and doesn't understand the concept of love while Rio grabs the opportunity when confessed to as long as the girl looks cute.

Chapters (103)

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Volume 6 Chapter 21
1 + 17 1450 days ago
Volume 6 Chapter 21
1 + 21 1450 days ago