Đôi tay kỳ diệu / สัมผัสรักจากปลายนิ้ว / 親指からロマンス / Romance from the Thumb / Sweet relax / The Magic Touch / 拇指罗曼史 / 拇指羅曼史
Rank: 20172nd, it has 30 monthly / 3591 total views.
Authors: Tsubaki izumi
Genres: Manga / Shoujo / Comedy / Drama / Romance / School life
Status: Ongoing
Chiaki is a massage crazy girl who only thinks of massages and on the bus to school she always sees a guy with a really stiff back. She really wants to massage that back but doesn't dare to look at the guy's face. When she coincidentally meets the guy in school, she immediately recognizes the back. And of course begs him to let her massage him (in a very hilarious way) but of course like every good looking, slightly evil guy he has conditions....