Auto Focus Eyes / Auto Focus no Hitomi / 夜の学校へおいでよ! / Koi 10!! / Love 10!! / Nachts auf dem Schulhof / Pet's Pet / Petto no Petto / Yoru no Gakkou he Oideyo! / 愛在校園夜之戀
Rank: 59748th, it has 1 monthly / 1690 total views.
Authors: Chiba kozue
Genres: Shoujo , Romance , School Life
Release status: Completed
Hayasaka Yoru lost her parents, and was taken in by her relative, Enomoto, who's a junior high school teacher. Her house is called "School House", which is on the premise of the school. The students would gather there and have fun every day, but when they go back, it's very quiet and lonely. One day, at school at night, she found an unexpected side of her classmate Yamane. Gradually, she becomes attracted to him...?!

Chapters (3)

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