Chinrou Cantarella / Chunrou Cantarella / Cyunrou Cantarella / 椿楼カンタレラ
Rank: 10100th, it has 88 monthly / 7196 total views.
Authors: Hashiba mizu
Genres: Yaoi , Smut , Drama , Historical
Release status: Ongoing
MPCRS(?): G - Prohibited for persons under 18
Distinguised Noble Son, Shingo, as a person under debt, sold himself to Maruyama Red Light District’s greatest male prostitute brothel, Tsubakirou! <br />Furthermore, a few days ago he had met an impolite man. Zenichirou’s appearance…! <br />With a resistant heart and an arrogant attitude, unable to defy the shrewd man who divided the red-light district, Shingo has taken training from Zenichiro to become the best courtesan….? <br />The unexplainably beautiful and erotic techniques of a romance story!

Chapters (1)

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