Ima made ichido mo onna atsukaisareta koto ga nai jokishi wo onna atsukai suru manga / 今まで一度も女扱いされたことがない女騎士を女扱いする漫画
Rank: 408th, it has 7928 monthly / 421185 total views.
Genres: Manga / Shounen / Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Magic / Romance
Direction: Right to Left
Status: Ongoing
Female knight Leo has never had ladylike qualities, she's a soldier through and through, adorned with scars and rock hard abs to match. She's never really been treated as a woman...until one day the magician Fooly confesses his love for everything about her. These two will challenge the quest named "Romance", which is tougher to complete than a super hard dungeon! How will our steel-willed protagonist act in the face of love?
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Chapters (82)

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