Be Careful of the Shooting Star! / 유성의 기사를 부탁해! / Cuidado con los Meteoritos! / Позаботься о рыцаре падающей звезды
Rank: 254th, it has 9760 monthly / 126319 total views.
Genres: Manhwa / Webtoon / Shoujo / Comedy / Fantasy / Romance / Supernatural
Direction: Left to Right
Status: Completed
During a meteor shower, a magical Faerie appears in a dark alley. Lemon, the Fae Knight has come to the human world to complete his final knighthood test. Alongside him is his human companion, Mira, who dreams of being a Black Mage. Will Lemon be able to complete his test in time?

Source: Lezhin

Chapters (80)

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