Kousai 0 Nichi Kekkon Shimasu
Rank: 415th, it has 7266 monthly / 85096 total views.
Authors: Rino shinjou
Genres: Manga / Josei / Drama / Ecchi / Mature / Romance / Smut
Status: Ongoing
"I like horny girls like you. They make great wife material." 
Dumped by her ex, who's now engaged to her friend instead, Rika decides to go to a speed dating party... 
but the guy she gets to know there is the vice president of her company!! 
"If you crave money more than love, do you want to try dating me?" 
A man who wishes to marry only for show and a woman who wishes to get revenge on her ex and friend by marrying. 
There is no love here, oh no... 
but somehow she can't push him away, having slept with him...