Dokebi Café / Goblin's Cafe / 도깨비 카페 - 기다리는 자의 성역-
Rank: 360th, it has 1705 monthly / 73589 total views.
Genres: Manhwa / Shoujo / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Romance
Direction: Left to Right
Status: Ongoing
Dokebi Cafe: Sacred Grounds for Those Who Wait
"I will only love you even if I were to be born a thousand times."
Gangeun is a poster girl for bad luck. 
She's a magnet for accidents small and large.
Just when she's getting used to her eventful high school life, she encounters a strange "boy" named Mooyoung in front of a new cafe. 
What is this curious place? Who is this mysterious creature in the form of a boy?
Bad luck seems to have left Gangeun but there's so much more that awaits her.

Chapters (60)

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