Spirit Empress of the Generation / Generation's Queen Ling / Generation after the Spirit / 一代灵后 / Императрица / Эпоха Императрицы Лин / ملکه
Rank: 627th, it has 272 monthly / 568998 total views.
Genres: Manhua / Webtoon / Josei / Drama / Fantasy / Historical / Psychological / Romance
Direction: Left to Right
Status: Ongoing
What is the price to pay for supreme power? Being misunderstood by the world? Carrying the stigma of being a "demon girl"? Killing one's most beloved people? Watch as an orphaned girl of the Spirit people with the ability to predict the future learns to plot in the Imperial Palace, is reborn from her ashes and becomes the Peoples' Empress of the Generation.
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Chapters (76)

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