Mangaka to Yakuza / 漫画家とヤクザ / 漫畫家與大流氓 / 만화가와 야쿠자
Rank: 154th, it has 28394 monthly / 634075 total views.
Authors: Coda koda / Coda koda
Genres: Manga / Josei / Comedy / Drama / Romance / Slice of life
Status: Completed
Annoyed by everything and lacking any interest in love whatsoever, manga artist Rui gets an unexpected visit from a built, scary-looking yakuza. After carelessly becoming the guarantor for her friend's loan, she is told to settle his debt of tens of thousands of dollars... "I'll wait for payment. That is, if you let me have sex with you." And just like that, she's pulled into it. "But, I'm a virgin... Am I gonna be okay?" Just as she thinks she's going to be made to suffer, she gets treated kindly and gently, making her first sensual experience all the more confusing...

Chapters (27)

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