Hyouhen Osananajimi ☆ Kedamono ni Hajimete Ubawarechau!? / 豹変おさななじみ☆ ケダモノにハジメテ奪われちゃう!? / 那個暖男的青梅竹馬☆突然變成野獸奪去我的貞操!?
Rank: 249th, it has 1592 monthly / 303181 total views.
Authors: Oinari / Nonda noda
Genres: Manga / Josei / Comedy / Romance / School life / Smut
Status: Ongoing
"Aaaagh!" "I know your weak spot is your ears." The tough Hana, who's never lost a fight before, thinks her childhood friend, Takeru, is adorable! Even though he's grown much bigger than her, she's ready to protect her angel for the rest of her life...! But, Takeru's talking about how he's into "sweet and cute" girls! Maybe, it's time for Hana to become a little feminine...! She dresses up and is feeling good about herself because Takeru compliments her, but that doesn't last for long. Takeru gets kidnapped! She feels guilty she let her guard down... and goes to save him! A tomboy and an angel!? Where will this relationship go...?
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