Enma-sama no Okinimesumama
Rank: 487th, it has 7502 monthly / 55314 total views.
Authors: Haruo haruyama /
Genres: Manga / Josei / Fantasy / Isekai / Romance / Smut / Supernatural
Status: Ongoing
Yoshino, a young monk, fell down the stairs of her temple. She ended up in an otherworldly place, and was escorted to the Great King Enma! "If you let me have my way with you, I'll guarantee your safety." Yoshino is appointed to be King Enma's lady-in-waiting, because of her strong spiritual power. She's at his mercy every night, but can't resent him because of his past. Even the rude King Enma has reasons for needing Yoshino... Are they in love? Are they a quarrelling couple? Read the rest to find out!
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