Androids wa Ai no Yume wo Miruka
Rank: 54th, it has 59109 monthly / 59199 total views.
Authors: Ryo hidaka /
Genres: Manga / Josei / Ecchi / Fantasy / Mature / Romance / Smut
Status: Ongoing
"I'll do anything for you, Riko." After her father's death, Riko suddenly finds herself living with his parting gift: a male humanoid robot called Akito. Booting up this high-functioning robot turns Riko's calm and mundane life upside-down! Although she finds him annoying, the more she watches him, the harder it gets to turn him off... Then, one day, the curious and rather touchy-feely Akito says... "Can kissing convey my love for you?"...What's with this robot? Turns out he has a secret function...!
Hi everyone! This whole updating thing is pretty new to me, so sorry if i do something wrong >< Anyway, i can't promise I'll update regularly, but I'll try of course! I have other series on Coolmic too, but i don't know how to update from that site, so I'd be really happy if someone could explain it to me <3
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